Happy Four Years, Club Penguin Memories (and Contest Teaser 1)

On this day four years ago, I created the original Club Penguin Memories on Piczo. Some of you might even remember it – http://cp-memories.piczo.com. What a long and fun journey this has been. I didn’t expect it to be nearly as successful as it turned out to be. I have many fond memories and have met many awesome people since then – thanks for helping make Club Penguin Memories a huge success. One other thing I wanted to point out was one year ago on this day a friend of mine, Tech163, purchased http://clubpenguinmemories.com.

Now, it’s time for me to give back to you. As I have said, I’m having a contest. Over the next few days and into the weekend I’ll slowly give away the details – don’t worry, you won’t miss out. With that said, here’s your first teaser image:

15 thoughts on “Happy Four Years, Club Penguin Memories (and Contest Teaser 1)

  1. happy ANNIVERSARY club penguin memories i was super busy earlier but i knew it was your anniversary happy anniversary again and what are you up to with that package and you are the best blog on earth for club penguin cheats

  2. I remember the old Memories site, in fact, it’s still on my Favorites List. :) I went there for a year or two and then you made this site… :D Happy Birthday to Trainman’s Successful Blogging.

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