Club Penguin In 2011 Review

Today is the last day of 2011 and tomorrow is the first day of 2012. Club Penguin has released everything they planned (aside from setbacks such as Card-Jitsu Snow) for the year – they won’t be releasing anything until 2012. Because of that I thought we could all reflect on this year in-game wise.

First off, what would you rate Club Penguin’s 2011 year? Did they do a good job with all their content this year, or do you think they did an awful job, or are you inbetween? Vote in the poll with what you think. Voting “1” in the poll means they did a terrible job, voting “10” in the poll means they did an absolutely amazing job, and voting “5” in the poll means you’re neutral about what they did – they didn’t do good or bad. There’s the other numbers as needed. I personally give them an 8. I’ll explain why later.

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Now that you’ve voted, here is an explanation on why I picked 8: I think they did a nice job with new content this year – new parties and redoing parties decoration wise, such as the Wilderness Exploration, Great Snow Race, The Fair, Halloween Party, Card-Jitsu Party, and the Holiday Party. We also got some new stage plays in the last few months, a mobile app, and a boatload more. The one thing that really affects my personal rating is all the bugs. There’s been far too many this year. Back when I was new to Club Penguin bugs were a lot less common. The sad part is some of these bugs have existed over a YEAR and still are not fixed even after me telling the team about it. Because of all the bugs back in March this year I bought Since March I’ve posted over 300 bugs – FAR too many. That’s really the one con about the game. Bugs galore. Every week new ones pop up and usually aren’t fixed it seems unless they’re extremely major. Another negative thing that strikes me about the game ┬áis the whole “membership means more” stuff. Companies have to sell something to make profit. Without an income, nobody can survive. They could easily plaster their websites with ads or only offer a trial of Club Penguin, such as a 30 day thing and then you need to pay. But no, they’re nice enough to offer a free to play model and a paid model. There’s also the membership price raises, which I can also justify – back in 2005 when Club Penguin first introduced memberships they cost $5.95 a month. The game had little to nothing back then. Over the years they added tons of content and never changed the price, until several months ago. I think it’s fair that they did – they’ve added numerous games, technology, clothes, etc to the game. The least they could do is raise the fee a little bit.

Anyway, to finish everything up – what do you think Club Penguin’s most important updates are in 2011? If you want to view them all, check out the Club Penguin Update History Log. Just scroll down or hit CTRL + F (Command + F on Macs) and type in “2011” and it’ll take you there. Just skim through it. Here are my top 5 updates in order from major to not as major:

  • Puffle Launch released for iOS and Android
  • Launching in German
  • New Buddy System
  • New Chat System
  • New games (Puffle Launch, Pufflescape, Bits & Bolts) as well as stuff on the Beta Team and even old games modified such as Bean Counters or Cart Surfer & Ice Fishing. Plus we got some more game stamps

Here’s to another great year on Club Penguin and the Club Penguin Community!

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin In 2011 Review

  1. There all good but if I had to choose 5…

    1.Brown puffle
    2.New chat system
    3.New buddy system
    4.Beta team
    5.Puffle Launch for iOS and Android.

    Now for my my favorite memories with you and

    1.Finding out about this site for the first time ever.
    2.Meeting trainman (and Nelsonbob) for the first time ever (besides Train’s birthday party) when I asked you to go on CP to become my buddy.
    3.Finding me first bug and getting it posted.
    4.The CP Memories card-jitsu party.
    5.Winning a coin code for the contest!!!

    Thats all,

    P.S Thanks for all the great memories!

  2. Did u know that if u get all the stamps for a game, you get double the coins every time u play? If u didn’t and u post it, plz give me credit. Happy New Year!!!

  3. I remember the time when Club Penguin lost their domain for almost a whole day. I thought it was pretty strange, because they waited until the last minute, later that that, actually, to renew it. They should’ve gave people who pay on Club Penguin an extra day of your membership, since no one was barely on that day. I’m trying not to sound hypocritical or mean, but that bugged me the most this year.

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