Club Penguin Card Jitsu Party 2011 Sneak Peek From Happy77

A new post has been published by Happy77. In it she answered a few questions, including one from Club Penguin Memories visitor (and my friend) Brookelas – congratulations!

Wonderchef12 asked where you vote for the BAFTA awards – if you are in the United Kingdom, visit this link to do so.

Brookelas asked if Happy77 will be making a Card-Jitsu Party sneak peek. She will be posting one tomorrow. In the meantime, she gave us another spoiler image. It’s at the Town, and you can see there is a free item there. It’s the Fire Headband.

Lauren120 asked how to enter the art challenge. Happy77 said to simply go to Happy77 shen gave a walkthrough on how to do so on Mac OS X and Windows.



The following page has been updated:

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Card Jitsu Party 2011 Sneak Peek From Happy77

  1. =( I thought I was more than just a CP Memories visitor! I thought I was your FRIEND =P! No JK! Thats fir the congratulations

  2. I’m pretty sure the free item in the picture is the Fire Headband because of the fire theme in the town , the water headband is most likely in the Plaza judging by the other sneak peak we got.

  3. Yeah its the fire headband cause it’s in the town, were it will be fire themed. in the plaza or something i’m almost positive there will be the water headband. :P

  4. this is soooo cool but due to lagg i wont be able to beat card jitsu water:/
    I will stiill try i go onto zipline everyday from 2:30 pm to 3:30 penguin time and at 12am to 5am (not all the time but some times(add me my penguin name is nutellastar

    P.S.trainman will i still be able to play against sensei to get me water ninja position during the party??

  5. Trainman, I know this a very random question and off topic, but do you know if the christmas scarf will be returning this year? I have always wanted it and the santa beard and the haloween scarf. :(

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