Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Sneak Peek

Disney is currently displaying a short advertisement video on their website. The setting of it is all about Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Party, which is set to be released this Thursday, November 24th. The video shows a few of the rooms, explains the purpose of the party, and shows what the homepage will look like. Here’s all the decorated rooms (and homepage) the video shows us. Below them you’ll see the full video.

Snow Forts:



Fire Dojo:


Here is the full commercial:

Also, Happy77 has updated their YouTube Channel background.

This party looks very exciting! If you look closely you’ll see some Club Penguin staff member usernames.

  • Guggleburne
  • Chuchu Br
  • Badao0um
  • 1brazuca1
  • Pataploufff
  • Rondinet
  • Tpengunbr
  • Penerare
  • Amarelinho55
  • Banqursee

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Sneak Peek

  1. if u tell me where u found those pictures i will give u the link to some exclusive Card jitsu shadow pictures AND the link to the music of the card jitsu shadow game :)

  2. Hi Trainman! When the pictures are better quality can I show these to my blog too? And I also have another sneak peek for you. Have you noticed the sky? It will be red again for half of the island and stormy on the other! :0

  3. hey train did u notice that the clock in the pic says “wendsday, 10:00”? That might mean that the party starts tonight at 10:00 PST.
    I don’t no just a theory.

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