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You’re invited to my Card-Jitsu Party! For two to three hours (depending on how well the party does) we’ll be waddling around the island and playing all the Card-Jitsu Games together, since everyone will be able to play them temporarily! Here’s all the information you need to know:

Who: Club Penguin Memories (and CheatsWhiz)
What: A Card-Jitsu Party!
Date: Sunday, November 27th
Where: Powder Ball at the Dojo
Time: Noon (12:00) – 2:00 PST (or later) – ask if you need a time zone conversion, or see the clock below.

I hope you can make it! If you can’t, don’t worry – I’ll be having another party in a little over a month. :)

112 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories Card Jitsu Party

  1. Will u be able to go on cp today?
    me and a few school friends were going to go on (as long as they don’t forget) at 4 est. it would be server snowshoe at ski lodge. we are going to play card-jitsu (regular card-jitsu cause we are nonmembers).

    • I had emailed Tech163 (owner of CheatsWhiz) asking if I should advertise the party there too and I have not yet received a reply.

  2. @dhi

    Well my membership expired. I am though wearing some unlocked stuff such as the beta hat shirt and I think the water ninja coat or something like that but I’m not sure which. There both member items though.

  3. club penguin said they would post there sneek peek video today; wonder when it will happen.
    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE PARTY! oh and train, i like really need help earning my water ninja suit. can u come on and play with me when the party starts? i’m only at my coat. :(

    • I’ll be home, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to go on or not (besides posting in the morning) since relatives will be visiting until Saturday.

  4. yeah i will be gone in the morning(going to a friends to play football) and my grand parents are coming sometime in the afternoon but i will be able to go on sometime.

  5. ok. I was trying to add this background image to my site early but i couldent figure out how to make it the right size. how do YOU a just the size of the image??????
    plz help!

    • In the CSS try background-height: 100%; background-width: 100%; (or if you’re doing it with just HTML put height=”100%” width=”100%”.

  6. Wait did cp say that we would get the speical surprise if we became a fire AND water ninja, or just one of them?
    if BOTH, i’m not getting the surprise.
    lol and i started Christmas music on the radio last night!

  7. I know why! it’s because when train updated the sites theme, he made it so his comments don’t coun’t as comments.
    but at the top of the page, it still counts his comments.
    get it now?

  8. Train can you maybe help us get the “Happy Room” and “Floor Filler”(25 Penguins dancing in the Night Club) stamps in the party? I’m having troubles getting them :)

  9. Psst, have u noticed there is Safe chat messages for card jitsu party? ;) If you havent, you can give credit to “Cooldude229” ;D

  10. Trainman, there’s a bug on the friends list. If any of your friends are wearing any of the items from the card jitsu party, or the new play, they don’t appear unless you click on their player card.

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