Club Penguin Has Released More Puffle Updates!

Club Penguin has released some more Puffle updates! These updates include things such as the stats bar and being able to access the Puffle Accessories catalog from your igloo.

A very helpful update in my opinion is the fact that you will now be notified around the island when a Puffle needs attention.

Puffles now have a bubble over them when they are hungry, want to be played with, etc.

Upon opening a Puffle’s playercard PH, Club Penguin’s Puffle Handler. will show you how to take care of your Puffles properly. It’s a quick tutorial.

You can now purchase Puffle Hats & Puffle Furniture directly from a Puffle Playercard, which is nice.

Club Penguin has also brought back the stats. They’re on the left side of a Puffle’s playercard.

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