Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Cheats [Theory]

Aside from Club Penguin’s Beta Party, the Halloween Party was the first official party. The tradition started in October 2005. Since then, the Halloween Party has greatly advanced. What started out with a few decorations of pumpkins, spiders, and cobwebs eventually led to an island wide party.¬†Every year starting in 2007 Club Penguin releases a new “Night of the Living Sled” video – a short film without sound. It is a film about two penguins and a sled brought to life that chases them. It’s an amusing short film.

Throughout the years the Halloween Party has more and more action packed into it. Staring in 2007 it started the annual Halloween Party Candy Hunt. Do you think we’ll have one this year? Do you think the Halloween Scarf will return? In 2010 Club Penguin even added a whole new section, the Underground Chamber. What do you think the party will have in store this year? I’m sure it’ll outdo last years!

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