Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 To Have Cadence & Penguin Band?

It’s no secret than the 2011 Music Jam will be in June this year on Club Penguin. In fact, it was first announced nearly a month ago. Now, every year the Penguin Band is at the Music Jam. Last year Cadence even showed up! Now, she was even pictured in today’s newspaper. Do you think Cadence and the Penguin Band will both make an appearance at the Music Jam or will only one of them?

I know one thing is for sure – I want to get the Penguin Band’s stamps! If they are on, be sure to use the Penguin Band & Cadence Trackers!

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 To Have Cadence & Penguin Band?

  1. Awesome post, Train! :)

    I do think Cadence and PB will be @ the Music Jam…as they both did last year (I think?).

    I also want the stamps!! :D

    I only have RH’s, and Rookie’s…I think that’s all. :P


    Bye! :)


  2. just letting you guys know that rookie background is back in playercards today , but still cant buy purple dragon coustume or purple dragon feet

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