Exclusive Club Penguin Puffle Wild Image

I have obtained an exclusive Puffle Wild image! It doesn’t really contain anything new that I haven’t already posted, however it does seem to focus on the special berries the many new Puffles seem to like.

cp mag

Club Penguin Magazine Issue 36

On Thursday the 36th issue of Club Penguin’s magazine was released in the United Kingdom. This new issue’s theme is Halloween! Bloxxerman has provided me with all the info on what is inside the new issue. Club Penguin Magazine Issue 36 comes with a free 7 day membership code, codes to unlock 1,500 coins, and…


Penguin of the Week: Ice Rose8

Although Daffodaily has been trying to post the Penguin of the Week on Thursdays now, she slipped up this week and posted it on Friday. Oh well! The new penguin of the week is Ice Rose8.


Club Penguin Blog: UK Magazine – Ghost Stories!

Yesterday a new issue of Club Penguin’s magazine was released! (I should have a post about it within the next few days) The current issue is all about Halloween. Daffodaily5 made a post on Club Penguin’s blog to talk about it. Here is what she wrote: