The Iceberg On Club Penguin Can Really Be Tipped

Lately penguins have taken a huge interest in tipping the iceberg. Some say you can, other say you can’t. As it turns out, the iceberg can be tipped a little bit on mobile devices – and I’ve got photographic evidence thanks to Azerty15.


Club Penguin Blog: Snowman Puffle

The Frozen Party starts on August 21st, so today Polo Field officially announced on the Club Penguin Blog that a Snowman Puffle will be available as a limited edition Puffle to members during the party.


Club Penguin Sled Racer Music

The all new Sled Racer app from Club Penguin was released last week, and during your gameplay a catchy tune plays in the background. Today Polo Field uploaded the track to SoundCloud so you can listen to it wherever and whenever without needing the app!


Club Penguin Sasquatch Spotted Walking Around The Island

The rumours are true: a sasquatch, also known as ??????, has been spotted walking around the island! These are not rumours, it is in fact true. He (or at least, I think it’s a male) does not say much and only walks around for short periods of time. If you meet the mysterious new creature…


Club Penguin Blog: Musical Chatta Chairs

As you may have been able to guess based on the title of this post, Chattabox has announced the details for her party on Club Penguin this week. This week’s theme is going to be musical chairs!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.35.50 PM

Club Penguin Frozen Party 2014 Music Video – In Summer

With the Frozen Party a week and a half away, Club Penguin has uploaded a one minute long music video of a Snowman Puffle singing In Summer, one of the songs from the movie Frozen. It’s a catchy song and there’s a cute Puffle in the video so I definitely recommend you check it out.…


Video: Elsa’s Performance at the 2014 Frozen Party

At the 2014 Frozen Party Elsa will be performing in her Ice Palace. Lolnok, who has been able to access the party on a mobile device before its official release, was kind enough to take the time to record a video of Elsa’s performance in the app.