Club Penguin Featured Fan Art: October 2015

It’s been quite a few months since Club Penguin last did a featured fan art video, but today they changed that! Today the team uploaded a video highlighting October’s fan art. The fan art is both Halloween and anniversary related.

Watch Club Penguin Halloween Panic For Free Online

For a few days, specifically until November 2nd, Disney is allowing you to view the full Halloween Panic Club Penguin TV special. Because Disney owns the copyright to this special and uploaded it to the internet themselves it is perfectly legal to watch the copy they uploaded

VIDEO: Screenhog Reflects On 10 Years of Club Penguin

Although he left Club Penguin five years ago, ten years of Club Penguin is definitely something to reflect on. Screenhog made a video talking about how Club Penguin has impacted himself as well as the lives of others, and I couldn’t agree with him more.


Spikey2007 Interviews Spike Hike: Biggest Change Ever Coming In 2016

Spikey2007 managed to interview Spike Hike in person at GamesBeat 2015 and shared it with the world last week! Spikey asked players to submit their questions for him to ask Spike Hike. Naturally penguins wanted to know about Club Penguin’s future plans relating to Project Super Secret and CP Next, so Spike Hike spilled the…