On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 8

On the 8th of June Club Penguin has only updated in 2007. Two updates occurred. A new pin was hidden and the Summer Party, Club Penguin’s second one ever, began.

The new pin hidden on this day in 2007 was the Surfboard Pin. This pin is Club Penguin’s 34th pin overall. It could be found at the Lighthouse Beacon, the second pin to be hidden in that room. It was up on the beacon and you had to roll your mouse over it, then it would fall down to the floor for you to waddle over to and collect. The pin was a surfboard to go along with the newly released Catchin’ Waves game.

Club Penguin Summer Party 2007 Lighthouse Beacon Surfboard Pin

The other update on this day in 2007 was the Summer Party, also known as the Summer Kickoff Party. The party was a hit. The whole island was decorated with surf boards, palm trees, and more. When the party launched, two free items were available. The items were the Blue Lei and the Ice Cream Apron. More free items were released throughout the party. The Green Duck item was released on June 12th and the Green Sunglasses and Flower Headdress items were released on June 15th.

Club Penguin Summer Party 2007 Coffee Shop

As a bonus, here is one of the three songs that played at the party.


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