On This Day In Club Penguin History – May 30

On the 30th of May Club Penguin has updated in 2008 and 2013. In 2008 the second volume of Penguin Tales was published and available for reading at the Book Room. In 2013 there was an assortment updates, including but not limited to a new pin being hidden, a new logoff screen, the price of puffles decreasing, and more.

The three short stories that were published in volume 2 of Penguin Tales were written by Lolliepops10, Sammysays, and Chochypop. Their stories can be read at the Club Penguin Times Office, formerly known as the Book Room.


That’s all for 2008. In 2013 there was a wide assortment of updates. For starters, a new pin, the Snow Shuriken Pin, was hidden on the island. It could be found at the Ski Village. This pin is Club Penguin’s 246th pin overall and it is the fifth pin to be hidden in that room.

Also on this day in 2013, Club Penguin made a few minor adjustments to the puffle adoption process, mostly cosmetic changes. They also halved the price of puffles, going from 800 coins each down to just 400.

The rest of the updates on this day in 2013 were minor. Club Penguin added a Monsters University Takeover login and logoff screen, you could unlock two new Portuguese Club Penguin books, and the 18th issue of Club Penguin’s magazine was now available in the United Kingdom.

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