Club Penguin Removes Sled Racer & SoundStudio Apps From The App Store

Not really surprising but still silly: Club Penguin has removed their Sled Racer and SoundStudio applications from the app store on both iOS and Android.

As many of you have noticed, our Sled Racer and SoundStudio apps for iOS and Android have now been retired.

Although it was a tough choice to make, it allows us to focus more on Project: Super Secret and the exciting year ahead of us.

You can still play the Sled Racer and SoundStudio apps if they’re already downloaded on your device. We won’t be making any updates to the games though, and you can’t log into your Club Penguin account or make in-app purchases.

We really appreciate your support and understanding! And if you have any more questions, you can email our support team:

It kind of sounds like baloney to me, honestly. How does removing the applications from the app store allow them to focus on Project Super Secret more if the applications were left untouched, and, in Sled Racer’s case, unfixed?

Also, it sounds like you won’t be able to get the Golden Goggles anymore.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.53.17 PM

Thumbs down.

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Removes Sled Racer & SoundStudio Apps From The App Store

  1. Sounds like a certain place is getting lazy on the apps they had plenty of time to fix it and they should have different compartments for app and mobile development and PC and project super secret they just didn’t wanna work on both of the projects :P

    • Expressing my opinion and thoughts is the purpose of this blog. If you don’t like it then you are free to read another blog.

    • Trainman has a good point. Why remove the game from the app store? Why not just let it online without removing it or atleast tell us like “january 10 the app gets removed, so get the goggles before its to late” if cp did that . But yeah i really expected updates for this sled racing game is allot of fun

  2. They always say that when they have to remove an app.

    They haven’t even made an update to both apps since may and June of last year. They left an issue unfixed where you wouldn’t be able transfer coins at all, I noticed this bug 2 months ago, on the sled racer app on Android. I reported the bug but no reply.

    Also will they be able to add the goggles to your inventory if we show them some kinda picture proof of our score against our friend?

    • All you have to do, is email them saying you wanted to get them but you couldn’t get the game and they will add it to your inventory. I emailed CP asking for a pin from the fair because it was based on luck and it got added to my inventory!

      • Too late, They have a good excuse to say no.

        Here is what they wrote: “We are not adding the Golden Goggles to accounts, Apps come and go, and so do the items that go with them. We will have more experiences on mobile very soon, with cool new items!”

        Guess we’ll have to see if they add it to the next penguin style catalog. :(

      • Sometimes they make exceptions, when they add stuff like that to your inventory. However, once they feel they’ve made enough changes to your account, from adding or removing stuff. They will not reply to your emails, but before that, they will refuse, and tell you tell won’t be replying.

        That happened to me in 2014, I still remember it, I was really sad. :(

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