On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 27

On the 27th of October Club Penguin has updated in 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2014. In 2006 and 2009 the Halloween Parties for those years began, plus also in 2006 a new pin was hidden. In 2011 DJ3K was updated, a new field op mission was released, and both the current buddy list system and chat autosuggestion features were launched. Then, in 2014, more items were available at the Halloween Party.

On this day in 2006 the Halloween Party began, Club Penguin’s second one. This was the first time ever the sky turned dark. Players could pick up a free Wizard Hat at the Snow Forts.


Image belongs to Henry533

Club Penguin also hid their 17th pin, the Pumpkin Pin, at the Dock. Can you spot it in the image above? This was the second pin to be hidden at the Dock.

In 2009 there was one update, also the Halloween Party beginning. This was Club Penguin’s fifth Halloween Party. The Haunted House was a new attraction for the party and there was also a scavenger hunt at the party, with the prize being the Jack O’ Lanterns Background. All players could collect the Pumpkin Antennae at the Plaza and members could obtain the Pumpkin Head and Silly Scarecrow Suit in the Haunted House.


Then, in 2011, there were four updates. The Monster Muzak track was added to DJ3K, a game which was replaced with SoundStudio in 2014.

Also in 2011 the 53rd field op mission was released. For this mission you had to go to the Dance Club and complete the mini-game by destroying the circuits.

The other two updates in 2011 were quite big: first off, Club Penguin completely redid the buddy list system. You could now have 500 friends instead of 100, view your friend’s outfits directly on your buddy list, add mascots, and also add players by typing in their username rather than having to see them on Club Penguin. This is when Club Penguin removed their ‘users in room’ feature, which was often used when trying to see if someone such as a mascot was in a room with a giant crowd. This feature came with lots of bugs, many of which are still not fixed. The other feature released today in 2011 was word suggestions: as you type, the chat bar suggests the next word for you.

Finally there is 2014. More ghost luggage was now available at the Halloween Party. Nonmembers could get the Little Jack hand item and members could get the Skeleton Mask face item.


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