How To Get The Golden Goggles On Club Penguin Sled Racer App

Remember the Golden Goggles item sneak peek that I posted earlier this month? Today Megg revealed on the Club Penguin Blog how you can get the item.

SledRacerGoggles-1430327311 (1)

Coming soon to the Sled Racer app, the penguin with the highest score in their friends list will have the item automatically added to their account right before the leaderboard resets. Since it’s based on the friend list leaderboard and not global leaderboard, that would mean if you have 0 or 1 friend on Club Penguin, it’ll be super easy to get the goggles! *removes all buddies so I can get the goggles* muahahaha…

11 thoughts on “How To Get The Golden Goggles On Club Penguin Sled Racer App

    • Well, that makes it really difficult to obtain the item, and some people like myself enjoy collecting as many items as we possibly can. :p

  1. what if that one friend is that penguin who constantly gets 23000+
    they should also add more items to Sled racer like “get this distance then you receive this item” it would be one item per week and items may return for a second chance to get them.

  2. they need to give u rewards at the end of the week for both friends and worldwide. like rare items or lots of coins cause right now wat is the point of having leader boards without prizes at the end of the week? I might be wrong but it just seems dumb to me to not have prizes especially sense u can only get a few thousand points unless u can master any “run” game ever or hack and add points to ur best run

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