Club Penguin Lays Off Many Employees

If you need any more reason as to why private servers are partially ruining Club Penguin, here’s one: due to a steep decline in membership sales, Club Penguin has had to lay off many employees across their Kelowna and Los Angeles offices, and completely shut down their office in Brighton, England. Yikes.

According to Castanet, 30 jobs were cut at their Kelowna office, and more than that at the Los Angeles division, meaning at least 60 employees have lost their jobs – and that’s without counting all the employees that worked at the Brighton office.

Disney Interactive, the company behind Club Penguin, had issued the following statement to Castanet about the lay offs:

“Disney Interactive continually looks to find ways to create efficiencies and streamline our operations. As part of this ongoing process, we are consolidating a small number of teams and are undergoing a targeted reduction in workforce.”

This is not the first time employees of Club Penguin have been laid off. Four years ago, in June 2011, it was announced that some employees had been laid off.

According to one of the employees who lost their job, the sales of membership are way down and the company isn’t doing well.


Thanks to Screenhog for pointing this news out!

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  1. For shame CP. You are probably doing this just so you can have more disney parties, and no people to stop you, as well as helpers for unique ideas. I think that Disney is more a dictatorship than a company. And CP is one of its supporters. I am disappointed

    • That’s not the reason why they did that! It’s because sales of memberships are becoming low, they wouldn’t shut down a whole office just to have another Marvel Super Hero Takeover

      • Takeovers/sponsored parties have NOTHING to do with it. It’s the same effect actually. Some people will get a membership because the party CP is celebrating will involve something that person likes while another person won’t because he hates that product surely.

        My guess is that it all started last year. CP started downgrading the membership benefits and then, CP started using their own money for chariry such as taking care of the Bears last year in April, building schools in September, Anti-Bullying in October, among others. CP tried to bring up to solution membership sales such as the one it happened back in Dec 2014/Jan 2015 or the same offer CP had back in Aug 2014 where if you bought a CP Membership you’d get for free a Disney Infinity toy or whatever.

        Because of the perhaps 2nd worst party in CP History being held in Dec 2014 (Merry Walrus Party; 1st might be the Music Jam 2014), not many players decided to donate coins. Due to that, I assume the CP mods were forced to donate to Coins for Change with their OWN money trying to surpass last year’s goal.

        Suddenly, CP started downgrading it even more when nowadays they normally recolor old items for members *cough* SoundStudio Party (perhaps the 3rd worst party in CP History) *cough*.

        And now with merchandise degrading as well such as the CP Magazine (which in fact, it’s over), CP is losing even more money.

        With the CPPSes taking stuff from Original CP and many hacking programs being used each time, CP is losing more money. In fact, I’m sure they try to keep focusing on other projects such as mobile apps, another TV Show, CPNext, #Projectsupersecret, etc which surely requires a lot of money.

        It’s truly sad to see how CP, Disney’s only online game left, might face the same fate as Toontown. Some people do not even see to care anymore due to many other popular things such as Five Nights At Freddy’s, MineCraft, and even social networks. Back then, I’d expect an 8 year old child getting a computer for the first time. Nowadays, even toddlers are being handed with mobile devices already and 4-5 kids play Slenderman, MineCraft, etc. I am serious. I see many kids of the same age as my little brother (6 years old) with mobile devices already, playing Minecraft, Five Night At Freddy’s, Slenderman, etc. Heck! I don’t even have a cellphone yet! (Actually I did when I was 10 years old, but eventually my mom kept it).

        You’d also expect many 8-10 year old kids on Facebook posting selfies, tweeting, and even using hashtags. I think the problem is that many children are exposed to content which might be “overage” for them. You see, there are many 10-14 year old girls who become pregnant or destroy their reputation in Facebook. Like I’ve mentioned in my blog post, many people are being spoiled, exposed to “overage” content and perhaps many parents forcing their kids to grow up quickly.

        I may sound biased though. This is how I partly view the world in a point of view. I am not saying that social networks and the mobile devices and apps are the ones to blame. I suppose some influences for encouraging people into several things. Either that or maybe CP is old enough. Then again, The Simpsons is mostly loved and has been running for like 25 years on the television (heck, it’s perhaps the only 80s TV Show left).

        I am sure there is still a way to solve this. It’s just that CP should start marking their territory more often, try to appeal more to the audience, and try to make membership something desirable. Even you Trainman regret of buying another year of CP because of what CP is going through lately. Even I might have to cancel my membership because my family is going through hard times (not that hard but still).

        Now that I think of, economy is also a problem here. Due to economy getting worse in several countries, perhaps several offices in those countries might close as well. I’ve heard that economy in the United States is starting to go downhill due to Obama though to be honest, I’ve seen it good. I barely see people complaining about United States at least compared with Mexico where it’s actually struggling.

        I am not necessarily saying that players should buy merchandise and membership, but simply don’t support the negative side. Simply we should avoid CPPSes and hacking programs. Sadly, it even seems like CP ignores it mostly because they assume that they’re children and they’re starting to get interested in that type of stuff but the truth is that, it even destroys the game. The game is not fun anymore. Most people either quit CP, or join CPPSes, or at least play on the CP App or join hacking groups. I feel like CP should actually create awareness of the consequences of CPPSes and hacking. Some people are behind of it, and while they think of it as fun and cool, they don’t know the reality of what they’re doing.

        CP should create a blog post on the What’s New Blog and create awareness of ALL the consequences of CPPSes and hacking. It’s about TIME they mention those things. Would a typical president ignore the word “racism”, “discrimination”, “crimes”, among others just to try to be positive and try to not worry their people?

        I understand that we can’t erradicate negativity, but I am sure we can ignore it…It just takes time…

        • As a continuation to my own comment, CP shouldn’t just say what’s good only. Otherwise, how would people know whatever they’re doing is bad? Who thinks that CP should actually create awareness of this?


          Just as you say that some are kids who don’t know what they’re doing, tell them to recognize what’s right and what’s wrong. They might not be mature enough to understand until someone explains them.

        • @Trainman1405 Ok, I guess that over there I actually overreacted. Some girls get pregnant by parent abuse or by getting “bad treatment by a random guy in the street” (If I’m not mistaken, this happened to Madonna). However, there are still some young ladies who take that move.

          …I’m sounding like an old embittered dude who thinks this new generation generally sucks…

        • ok I don’t mean to sound rude but I think u got way off topic while some things u said were true (like little kids being able to go on like Facebook or stuff like that… to be honest I started with computers at 2 and games at 4 but I played like Cake Mania and Diner Dash stuff that is good for little kids and even when u get older it is still fun) I don’t know that ALL of wat u said is related to CP (then again I may be wrong)

        • Trainman I understand, but CPPSes hardly have AS CLOSE to as many accounts as CP has on them! I think it’s mainly CP and Disney’s fault!

        • @Jake1702 The problem is, CP isn’t doing very well and so the people who prefer “old CP” go to CPPSes where they get what they want. If CP improved, people would stop going to CPPSes and therefore, more memberships are bought.

  2. Let’s think for a moment WHY the sales of membership are way down. Hmm… Oh, I know. Because game is way down itself! Parties (that always kept players in the game) are now boring and small. CP Team don’t apply themself into this game. If they don’t start be hardworking and make the game better – it won’t change.

    • I agree!! I guess A FEW of the parties are OK but I still think it’s mostly boring!! It’s only the fact that I have MANY friends on CP that I didn’t really quit yet!!

      • The reason why parties are small is because they have to be “coded for apps too”. If they stopped working on apps and actually did some work, they would find that the game was a lot better for MANY players.

      • I feel bad for Club Penguin. They put SO much work into creating a safe, fun virtual world for kids to play, have fun, and enjoy on. Now everybody plays Minecraft. Train, do you play Minecraft (Like it)? Club Penguin is very fun to me, even though sometimes I get bored, I LOVE Club Penguin. When someone asks me what my hobby is, I say computers, but really my hobby is Club Penguin! I think that Club Penguin has always listened to us, but it is probably a ton of work changing so many things in one short period of time. Club Penguin really did listen to us in April. Penguins have asked many times for harder quests, they gave us a very difficult maze that I couldn’t complete with out asking some penguins on Club Penguin for some help on completing the maze. We asked for smaller pins, the pin hidden now (The new pin that looks like a footprint) is much more challenging to find. First of all it is a lot smaller. Second of all, it blends in with the color behind it a little. I am waddling down a long path at Club Penguin, and I hope that the path still has a far way to go. :) I can already think of a few penguins that quit Club Penguin on the top of my head since 2012ish. I can think of Monchocho, Tommy 234 56, and more. I also think Thinknoodles is close to an end on Club Penguin too because often his weekly parties, Think Thursdays are canceled for different reasons and he hasn’t posted a video on his Club Penguin Youtube since the last Music Jam, not the one in February 2015. I think it is great that Club Penguin recently added 2 new mascots. The first one is Merry Walrus. I know he most likely won’t return since his name doesn’t show up on the friends list but he may still count. Also, Sasquatch (??????) is also new, and the Puffle Party 2015 really gave us some information about him and I liked that. I also like that Club Penguin added some new rooms to stay recently. I can think of two. They added the Puffle Wild Room and also added the Skatepark. The Skatepark isn’t too new, but it is kind of new. In conclusion, the main point of this comment is that I think that Club Penguin is doing a great job and I feel very bad for them because they put so much work into making Club Penguin a fun online game. There are a ton of new players, but I don’t know if a lot of them purchase memberships. I think that Club Penguin is a VERY fun game, and I respect the penguins that quit decision, but I wish that penguins wouldn’t “quit”. I wish they’d at least log on once every while. I suggest you reading this post by Tech70.

        I is a great post. He also posted a lot of other great posts. You should go check it out.

        Ryanec1 from
        Keep on Waddling everyone, Waddle On!

  3. Private servers possibly couldn’t do much damage to Club Penguin otherwise they would’ve tried to do something by now. They haven’t sent any warnings to CPPS owners or done anything about it. People blame it on CPPSes, but they don’t get many users. The most popular ones probably get 500 users maximum and that is nothing compared to the 10000+ Club Penguin would used to have. Most of the time it is people that can’t afford memberships in the first place.

    These parties that they have been releasing do not help. The Sound Studio party didn’t help very much and this Frozen Fever Party won’t help either. People aren’t buying anything these days because there is nothing new. You could say that the parties count as new content but they are now using recycled rooms, recoloured items and the same concepts. People don’t want to play something that takes 5 minutes to complete and it doesn’t help that they haven’t released any new major features for the computer version of the game. We haven’t seen many new games other than Spy Drills (that isn’t the greatest game ever), It’s like they’re trying to abandon the EPF and we haven’t seen any stamp updates in years (They’re not even adding them to parties any more.)

    If they want Club Penguin to stay in the game then they need to bring new and unique features to the game instead of the same reused assets. I have to admit that these room renovations are nice but that isn’t going to change a lot in the eyes of the younger players.

    It’s good that Club Penguin tries to release new content every week, but they’re getting to that stage where there is nothing interesting. It’s always the same old newspaper or the same old over-sized pins. Sure there have been new puffles but they don’t count as real puffles. Where’s the dark blue puffles or the hot pink puffles.

    It doesn’t help that the game is full of bugs and glitches either. It ruins the whole experience and it just shows how lazy they’ve been. I know that every game is going to have bugs but it looks like they’re not doing anything about it. I think it’s good that they’re listening to the community for once but it’s just not good enough at this stage. We need new features, unique parties and some stuff to do for non-members. The Star Wars takeover from 2013 is a brilliant example of a good party as there were fun but challenging mini-games that didn’t take 5 minutes to complete.

    I don’t want to see Club Penguin die as it was a huge part of my childhood but this is getting out of control. They’re maze was a nice event but I don’t think that can make up for the atrocities we’ve had in the past year. Disney are a multi-billionaire company, if they put enough funding in to it then they can actually make it a better game instead of them using the same things over and over again.

  4. its sad ppl have to lose their jobs but is it really a mystery? I mean us old players know wat CP used to be and that their lazy and that they don’t listen to us or care about us and were sick of it. they are desperate for new players so that’s why they throw these takeover parties (or ad parties) to get new players and then after that new players either stay to explore a little bit or are like “oh, really?” then they leave also (but most of them stay) they need to realize that we’re sick of their lame excuses, boring parties, and sneaking little tricks Disney also puts in secret money tricks but for the better of both the ppl and them (like putting Frozen Fever in front of Cinderella- increase of sales for them and a short and movie for both Frozen fans and Cinderella fans) and CP doesn’t do this they are lazy and sneaky little trolls they need to see they have made mistakes and listen to us because then we might come back

  5. Please stop villainizing private servers. We didn’t do anything to cause this. We’re so small we don’t cause a dent. Don’t pull out Google Search data and say one is more popular. It’s not valid. If CP closes, know that it was from its own misguided steps, not the pass time of a couple dozen teenagers.

    I could just as easily make such a bold and rude claim towards you. You aren’t totally to blame, but you played a part. Always complaining about everything CP does wrong. Scrutinizing every bug as those the game should be ashamed and close. And why should I log into CP if I read this blog? I can see all the updates. Now I have no reason to login ever. Thanks Trainman :)

    Don’t be so quick to point fingers on something you don’t know anything about. You think you’re high and mighty and understand what is going on in CP, but you don’t know squat. You’re not in a different boat as a private server, so stop sinking your own ship. We both essentially use images of CP’s stuff to give people the experience that they normally wouldn’t have on CP.

    Maybe now you’ll have something to think about if CP closes.

    • Hi Sandor,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Like I have said before, you’ll have your own opinion and I’ll have mine. I wouldn’t exactly say that private servers are so small and don’t cause a dent.

      “When I took the following screenshot of CPPS.Me’s homepage, over 550 users were online. Some private servers have boasted having more than 5,000 users online at once. That’s a lot.”

      I don’t really know how many users CP has online at a given time but whether it’s 550 or 5,000, that’s still a lot in my eyes. Maybe not every person on a CPPS is a lost membership, but I’m sure some would be, heck I know some people who play private servers due to the membership benefits being for free.

      I’m not pointing the finger at any private server in particular, it was just a blanket statement with my thoughts. I’m allowed to express my opinions, my thoughts, whatever in my blog posts. It’s my website. You could make the same accusation to me, yes, but unlike private servers I don’t have 500+ people reading my blog every day. (I have no idea what Flippr’s stats are, I’m just using the number from

      If you want to go on thinking I think I am high and mighty, then go ahead! I can’t change what others think about me, nor will I try to. I’ve never claimed to know everything about Club Penguin – feel free to prove me otherwise.

      “We both essentially use images of CP’s stuff to give people the experience that they normally wouldn’t have on CP.”

      Kind of, but not really. I use images to show what’s on Club Penguin just like any type of blog would do about a topic. That’s all completely static, not to mention Club Penguin does not care about blogs about their game, otherwise they would not offer website banners on the fun stuff section of their website. A private server, on the other hand, is dynamic. People play them. People cannot play a blog with simply images and text.

      • Sandor blogs also make players want to go on CP CPPS does not. and once CP closes CPPS’s will start closing because the can’t add (or edit) more stuff. Also almost everyone I know thinks you CPPS is illegal.

      • Hello, I’m Joee and I run a CPPS called LimitlessCP. Some of us are not bad people, we just want to create our own content for Club Penguin that you would never see in the game, just like Sandor too. We’re not trying to run Club Penguin out of business. The only reason is so popular is because it has been around for so long and it would most likely be the first result to show if you put “CPPS” in to Google.

        Sandor is actually a nice guy, but saying “Club Penguin Private Servers are partially ruining Club Penguin” must’ve made him mad. We’re not trying to ruin Club Penguin as it started to go down hill ever since Lane left in 2012. I only run my CPPS is it is incredibly fun to create new content and see people play it. It’s not even doing much to ruin Club Penguin because we only get 100-ish users on good days.

        I’m not going to sit here and rant about it, I just needed to get my point across. You have your opinions and I have mine but I just needed you to know that.

        • Yes, and I respect both yours and Sandor’s opinions. However, because we both have different opinions, that’s where we clash.

      • Trainman’s website is more of a “Look whats on Club Penguin” so they want to go online check it out for themselves. CPPS’s encourage people to not play CP.

  6. It’s his website so you can’t really tell him what to do and what not to do. If he wants to ‘villainize private servers’, he has the right to do so. If you don’t like it, the door is right around the corner. K? Bye.

  7. SEE People! Stop complaining about “Oh its not fair for non members” “Memberships cost too much” People’s jobs are on the line here! It is perfectly OK if you can’t afford it or you are not allowed one but if you can, aren’t getting one and instead complaining to CP TO make more stuff available to non members (there is plenty already) THAT is when you cross the line. Yes I am a member but that has not swayed my opinion. Those who have crossed that line, i dare YOU to make your own original idea for a multi regional online world with monthly items and parties a reality and spend NONE (or as little as possible) of your own money (payment also has to be optional) and then complain at CP with the exact same opinion!
    I apologize to those who had to endure this when it did not apply to you. I also apologize to Trainman for letting out my rage on his wonderful website, it just seemed the most appropriate place due to the page about job loss with a lack of memberships bought. I would also like to hear your opinions on what i have said, do you agree, disagree or remain indifferent with what is written.
    Plattypus81-Over and out!

  8. if Disney bought CP in 2008, why they started to advertise and ruin CP until 2014? (well, they started to advertise in 2012 but still the takeovers were good back then)

  9. It’s really sad to see a game that you’ve been playing for nearly 8 years isn’t doing too well. Club Penguin was a big part of my childhood and in some ways, it still is now. I don’t want to see Club Penguin fail. I wish they could just listen to what we want. No one wanted Frozen again, but they seem to have done it anyway..


    • I feel exactly the same way. It is definitly shameful, but there is still plenty of opportunity to turn things around. Perhaps they should listen to what the players want…
      I really miss PSA missions, classic parties, etc. I understand that this is a new generation, but there must be a better approach than what they are doing right now.

  10. I think they lost a lot of penguins because of the Christmas-Party-that-wasn’t-one.
    I know each of us cousins lost a bunch of friends from our friend lists.
    Some told us they were leaving, but others just stopped coming on.

    It makes me sad, but our family is still here if they come back.

  11. isn’t ahead club Penguin?
    Let’s do a quick count!
    How many registered users does have?
    1.5 Million
    How many active daily users does have?
    1.7k At the most
    How much profit does gain per month?
    About $600 all used for game payments.

    Let’s look on the other side!
    How many registered users does CP have?
    At least 2 billion registered users!
    How many active daily users does CP have?
    Each server holds 300 users. Out of the about 150 servers, 20 servers are usually full, and at least 35 servers with 5 bars. How much users estimated in total?
    How much profit does CP gain per DAY?
    At least $10000 PER DAY

    The reason CP is losing money and users is because kids and teens now prefer social media (Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, kik, Viber, Facebook, Twitter) than online games such as Club Penguin and Poptropica.

    • CP has nowhere near 2 billion registered users. The figure is around 200 million I believe, and you have to keep in mind that some people have more than one account.

      I have not seen 20 full servers/35 servers with 5 bars in a looooong time.

  12. So the problem is:
    CP’s membership sales are going down.
    The mobile parties might be to blame.
    Or it might be the fact that they stopped doing membership benefits
    Or because it’s probably too expensive
    Or maybe because CP dosen’t advertise more or do merchandise anymore

    Stop mobile parties ( it seems they’re already doing that ).
    Advertise more ( TV commercials etc. )
    And make more merchandise ( excluding Membership cards )

    • The problem of the solutions is that they’re very hard to accomplish them. Do you know how expensive it is to make a short 30 second commercial? It’ll also be more expensive by having several other companies manufacturing the merchandise and also the stores for leaving a space for CP. Stopping bringing the parties to the mobile app is a good way to solve this current problem.

  13. Club Penguin needs more membership benefits other than clothes, new puffles and more from games. Non-members can have puffles, play the same games and wear clothes.

    Members need their own exclusives that are ‘just for them’. For example, their own ‘exclusive’ room in and outside of parties. Maybe an exclusive show with Cadence, V.I.P mini events only for members or something like that. (Members could even get access to content before non-members or enter igloo competitions to win trophies.)

    The team could also have purchases for certain things in the game (Like their in-app purchases). Maybe pay for access to wear certain clothes for a week or two, access V.I.P rooms. Things more ‘affordable’ than a membership that only last for a certain period of time. Idk.

    I like what Spike Hike said on your blog a while ago about CP Next. “We could – theoretically so I am NOT announcing this here, it’s just an example – let you take over your own version of any room in CP and throw a party in it. You might also be able to decorate that room with your iggy items. Your friends could access that special party version of the room while everyone else gets the normal one.”. This could be a membership benefit or something you could pay a little extra for to have in-game.

  14. I think the novelty of Club Penguin is simply wearing off. As others have mentioned, there are so many other games/activities for CP’s demographic to choose from that didn’t exist when CP was hugely popular. The game was innovative and fun for many ages before 2009/10. But it’s 2015 now, and despite Disney’s efforts to keep up with the changes (with mobile apps and whatnot), the game has fallen off the wagon. And unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much of a chance that they can climb back up. All things must end eventually, and it seems like Club Penguin is approaching the end of its life.

    The only idea I have that I think could possibly help the situation is if they opened up a restoration of old Club Penguin (everything before 2009, or maybe even 2008). They wouldn’t have to add any access charge, just make it part of the normal membership subscription. Membership for old CP would also be included in the subscription. Pretty much the same idea as Old School Runescape, which has been a huge success for Jagex. It should be cost-effective since I’m sure the old CP files are saved, and they could just take a bunch of the current servers (there are way too many anyways) and convert them to old CP servers. Nostalgia is clearly a major appeal of private servers, so why not use that to their own advantage?

    I think a lot of people who would otherwise never purchase a membership subscription would totally be on board with this. I’ll bet hundreds of people call/email Club Penguin every day asking questions about the old game. Disney should seriously consider something like this to boost membership sales.

  15. If Club Penguin want’s to get the community togother. They should do what Binweevils do with their servers. Only open up two and when they become full, automatically open up another one and when that’s full, open another automatically and so on. Then automatically close them when they become empty again.

    • I would hate that.

      Maybe some people have fast new computers to play on, but we have old slow computers the grownups didn’t want any more and they can’t handle a too-full server.

      To play Club Penguin that way, our family would need to cancel our memberships to afford a new computer so we could take turns playing as nonmembers on the full servers.
      (That really wouldn’t work for us anyway, as we live in 5 different houses and 2 different countries.)

    • What does that have to do with people’s jobs? The amount of servers isn’t the problem. The problem is that people don’t want to buy membership anymore, because Club Penguin is not what it used to be. Igloo items now are very specific and some don’t even rotate. Notice how these igloos barely use new items: Parties are now “takeovers” which means a franchise from real life comes to the island (I’m seriously wondering how) and give us all these strangely themed items that you can barely use in a custom costume. What kind of custom outfit would require a Mike Wazowski suit? Nothing. Takeovers have done the exact opposite of what Club Penguin wanted them to do: Bring in players. When I originally join CP around 2006-2007ish, I never got bored of Club Penguin, because you could make it your own. You could make a Robopenguin headquarters or a Resturant Pirate ship. Now, think of one thing you can do with a “Death Star” item besides “Death Star”. Nothing. Because it is made for a takeover.

  16. It’s approaching, the day we most fear can be around the corner maybe not at all. As Screenhog says CP has to change, bring back old parties, bring back old times, who CARES if it’s the Beta hat. Spikehike since I first saw him knew wouldn’t change anything, instead he made them worse; and though it seems I always pick on Spikehike I don’t I just consider his view of “Modernisation” was a complete failure from the beginning. He was given the chance, he wasted it. Just like Steve Jobs theory that small phones would be the publics ultimate favorite instead of Phablets, he was wrong too. Hopefully he will make up, and fix the mistakes he has done, the same with others. CP must keep strong.

  17. I totally agree with Bubsey Good.There is nothing new in the parties these days.Even if there is something new it’s made only for one particular takeover.On top of that is the fact that the furniture is basically just recolored versions of old furniture and some are not even related to the party in any way. CP is going downhill.I’m seriously thinking of quitting CP and moving to a CPPS instead. At least the old,fun parties are being held there.

    The main reason for CP going down is that they don’t listen to us anymore. Before,feedback and user opinions were given importance. Early takeovers were actually nice. In fact the Marvel Takeover 2013 was my favorite party.But now user opinions have taken a backseat.People pay for things they like or find exciting.It isn’t necessary to fulfill everyone’s wishes.But,if a lot of players dislike and/or like a particular thing,then that feedback can be acted upon.That isn’t the case anymore.Everyone hated the Frozen Party and now they are holding Frozen Fever though the two parties are exactly the same.The parties and the special benefits they give were the USP for membership sales.But now most of the parties are boring and the membership benefits they offer hardly exciting. They are making a few changes,I’ll admit.The pins are smaller and the maze which they gave was pretty hard.Hopefully,they’ll continue doing this and make it the way it was before while still keeping up with the nicer things that new technology has brought about.

  18. Simple solution. If they wanted more people to buy their memberships, actually fix the bugs, stop giving us disney parties and bring back classic parties like the april fools partys, etc and close down private servers. They never listen to us and this is repercussions. Maybe this will actually make them realize to actually listen to the community.

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