On This Day In Club Penguin History – February 20

On the 20th of February Club Penguin updated in 2009 and 2014. In 2009 the furniture catalogue was updated and the 2009 Puffle Party began. In 2014 the Fair began and a new pin was hidden.In the February 2009 furniture catalogue there was an assortment of miscellaneous items such as the Ironing Board, Astro Barrier Poster, and Puffle Posters. As for the 2009 Puffle Party, it was Club Penguin’s first one. Nearly all the rooms were decorated with a theme of each Puffle colour. This was also when the first sightings of the White Puffle were reported. The Puffle was spotted in rooms such as the Dojo Courtyard.


In 2014 Club Penguin’s Fair began. Unlike previous Fairs this one took place away from Club Penguin in an area put up only for the party, called the Amazement Park. The Amazement Park was broken into three sections: pirates and mermaids, the wild west, and outer space. Like all the previous Fairs you could play games for tickets which could then be redeemed for items at the prize booth. Rookie was waddling around the party with a new giveaway background. The Penguin Band was at the party too, however you could not meet them. Instead they performed in a room and you could click on them to get a free background. There was also a daily spin, with prizes such as pins, backgrounds, and coins.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.27.04 PM

Aside from the Fair, the only other update in 2014 was a new pin. The Space Cart Pin was hidden at the Pool. It is Club Penguin’s 269th pin and was the eleventh pin to be hidden in this room.


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  1. Hey Trainman did you notice that in the play for Cadence room, there is a random object placed behind Cadence. So far i’ve seen the former modern art sculpture from the Book Room, the rocking horse from the Lodge Attic, and a number four green buoy. The puffle also changes too that is on the desk.

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