Trainman1405 and Energezer’s 12 Days of Contests 2014 Winners

The entries have been reviewed, the prizes have been bought, and the codes will soon be sent! It’s the 12 Days of Contests 2014 winners! I’m sure you’re all very eager to see who won, so here’s who won:

  • Day 1: Zezocool
  • Day 2: Marko
  • Day 3: molly73216
  • Day 4: Board Dude
  • Day 5: Nothing (that’s their name)
  • Day 6: Oarca
  • Day 7: bubblesducky
  • Day 8: Timothy137
  • Day 9: Ryanec1
  • Day 10: Enb 11
  • Day 11: Bluecutie10
  • Day 12: supermariosp

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered! Which task was your favourite and least favourite? Are there any tasks I should or shouldn’t do next year?

If you didn’t win, I do apologise. Who knows, maybe you’ll win next year. :) If I do the 12 Days of Contests next year it’ll mark the fifth year doing it…maybe I should have a grand prize of a 1 year membership then? Or give out a few 6 month memberships?

To the winners: you will receive an email containing the code you won within the next 24 hours, so be on the lookout for that!

39 thoughts on “Trainman1405 and Energezer’s 12 Days of Contests 2014 Winners

  1. When I saw myself on the list:,xfDNLjl
    Wait? I won? Oh man, I never win anything, the only things I’ve ever won were a Barbie DVD and some tickets to see the Backyardigans, and that was when I was like seven.
    And the fact that this is my first membership makes it more awesome. Thank you Train!
    If you wonder why my name is Nothing, it’s because I’m bad at choosing names :P

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