Club Penguin Blog: Daffo’s Ghost Pirate Meetup (Still No Penguin of the Week)

If you were hoping for a new Penguin of the Week this week, you’re out of luck. Heck, in the post Daffodaily made she didn’t even mention Penguin of the Week.

Last week she asked us for our Swashbuckling Pirate stories instead of POTW nominations. Here’s Emily44143’s:

Club Penguin Blog Swashbuckling Stories

I was battling some friends when a sudden gust of wind knocked my sword out of my hands! My opponent was about to win when that terrible wind knocked his sword out of his hands!

“Arrgh!” I roared. “Where did this wind come from?”

A nearby tea kettle began to rattle and a ghost pirate came shooting out of it!

“Mwahaha! I will rule CP!” He laughed.

“No you won’t!” I yelled back.

I retrieved my sword and broke the kettle in half.

“NOOO!” The ghost pirate exclaimed as he faded away.

Great story, Emily!

Daffodaily decorated her igloo as a ghost ship in honour of the story so she had (already over) a party at 8:30 AM PST/11:30 AM EST/4:30 PM in the UK. Too bad I missed out.

Instead of mentioning Penguin of the Week possibly coming back next week, she said at the end of her post that she will be doing a Q&A (question and answer) session. You can ask her questions by commenting on her post and she will choose a few to answer next week.

Will Penguin of the Week ever return? Hey, I should ask that for the Q&A. :P

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