Sneak Peek of PH’s Upcoming New Giveaway Background

Sometime soon, likely in the first half of December, Puffle Wild will be released worldwide on the iOS app store. Not only that, but it appears that PH will be waddling around the island (or wilderness) with an all new giveaway background, too.┬áThe official name for this background is “PH wild puffle player card giveaway”. Check it out:

Club Penguin Puffle Handler 2014 Background

This week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times┬ádid mention that she is currently exploring the wild, so she is without a doubt going to come public with her findings in the near future.


14 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of PH’s Upcoming New Giveaway Background

  1. I still want Club Penguin to let us adopt the Puffle Wild Puffles from the Desktop version in other news

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I got some questions to ask you, Trainman.
    1. Do you think Aunt Arctic or Rockhopper (or Roofhowse) will visit for the Holiday Party 2014?
    2. Give two suggestions for what will be on the new (third) Migrator?
    3. What kind of takeover do you want the most next year? (It can be something Disney does not own, but it’s unlikely they’ll buy it.)

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