Club Penguin Officially Announces Pirate Party 2014

Today on the Club Penguin Blog Megg has officially announced that this month’s party is the Pirate Party. Last week Ninja posted a sneak peek image and had us guess, and many of us guessed correctly.

Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014

More sneak peeks are on the way! Take a look at the X on the iceberg. Are you excited?

10 thoughts on “Club Penguin Officially Announces Pirate Party 2014

  1. It looks like Rockhopper is planning a treasure hunt for us….or possibly the party involves the Iceberg (either tipping or….MEGALODON?)

  2. You know…it’d be really cool if Skip the evil bellhop ghost becomes into an official CP Villain, and returns in this party as a pirate ghost. The storyline goes like this:

    “Rockhopper was travelling in the Migrator, with a treasure chest from a mysterious island, until suddenly, Skip steals the treasure chest. The goal of the party is to travel around the seas, navegate every island to find clues about where Skip is hidden (perhaps as well to help the inhabitants of the islands) until at the end, we do a sword fight with Skip and as a reward, Rockhopper gives us the treasure chest, perhaps a new igloo and finally, take us to Rockhopper Island.”

    If everything of what I’ve said is true (or at least similarly to it), then that’d make my year and in fact, become one of my favorite parties of 2014 and perhaps overall.

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