Club Penguin Holiday Party 2014 Confirmed

Recently one of Club Penguin’s files has been updated with references to the next party, the Holiday Party 2014. The party will begin on December 18th.┬áThe file of Club Penguin’s also confirms that the Beach, Snow Forts, and Town will be decorated. Since the party is in its early stages in testing I’m sure more rooms will be decorated than just the three, so no need to panic. :) Or maybe it will be like the Halloween Party was on mobile: only some of the party was available on mobile and the full party was on the desktop.

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2014

It is unknown if Coins For Change will happen this year, however I won’t be surprised if it does. Usually Rockhopper takes part in Coins For Change, however he’s visiting right now. Either he will only be gone for a few weeks before coming back or Club Penguin has other plans in mind for this year’s Holiday Party. Time will tell. As always, stay tuned for any more info and sneak peeks.

Thanks Petros901!

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holiday Party 2014 Confirmed

  1. I think that after the Pirate Party, Rockhopper’s ship will be getting repaired for 1-2 weeks, and then when the Holiday Party rolls around, he’ll just stay for the party, and leave in January.

  2. I don’t think Rockhopper will leave the island after the Pirate Party. I think he will stay on CP Island for the Holiday Party and because of his ship probably going on rebuilds after the Pirate Party.
    My theory is, by the time when the Holiday Party starts, the Migrator has finished rebuilding. And after that, he will be back on the seas.

    What do you think of my theory, Trainman?

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