On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 8

On the 8th of October in Club Penguin’s past there have been several updates in 2010. There was a new pin, a stage play was re-released, and the postcards were updated.The new pin was the Carrot Pin. It was located in the Night Club to the right of DJ3K, which has since been replaced with SoundStudio. The other main update was Secrets of the Bamboo Forest being re-released at the Stage. This was the second showing of the stage play. The Golden Feather Pin that goes along with the play’s script was located at the Mine Shack next to the garden. For this second showing Club Penguin added a new item to the catalogue, the Magical Crown. It cost 250 coins.

Club Penguin Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Stage Play Catalogue

Finally, three Halloween Postcards (Halloween Costume Try-Outs, Happy Halloween, and Trick or Treat) were added to the postcard catalogue for the month. The safe chat messages were also minorly updated.


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