On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 12

September 12th in Club Penguin History takes us back six years to 2008. September 12, 2008 had only two small updates. September 12, 2013 on the other hand had many a major amount of updates. The first of the two updates in 2008 was a new pin, the Magnifying Glass Pin. This was Club Penguin’s 70th pin. It was located at the Dock on the right side of the room.

Club Penguin Magnifying Glass Pin

Also in 2008 Club Penguin released their┬áRuby and the Ruby at the Stage for the first time. The 71st Club Penguin Pin, the Ruby Pin, was located in the safe behind the painting hung on the wall during this stage play. Since the original premiere, the stage play’s production has been untouched aside from minor script changes and a different pin.

Unlike 2008, 2013 had many updates. Up until recent times the furniture and igloo catalogues were separate, so instead of a single new catalogue being released on this day in 2013 both a new furniture catalogue and a new igloo catalogue were released. The new furniture items were medieval related to go along with that month’s Medieval Party. Related to the medieval furniture, some construction boxes were placed around the island to prepare for the party. Along with that Fairy Fables returned to the Stage and Rockhopper arrived.

Club Penguin September 2013 Furniture Catalog

Other minor updates in 2013 included Rockhopper having a new playercard look, the username glow being added to your player (previously it was just black text), the igloo music was updated, and finally when you were wearing items that do a special dance the button would now light up in green.


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