Klutzy The Crab Spotted On Club Penguin!

For the first time in ages we have received an actual noteworthy EPF message. This new message is from Jet Pack Guy, and he says he saw Klutzy the Crab in the wilderness. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.53.14 PM

JPG said:

Reporting in. Klutzy spotted in the Wilds. Gonna track him to see where he’s headed.

It’s no secret that Klutzy is in the wilderness, however this is the first actual sighting of him. Remember this image from ClubHerbert.com?

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.54.18 PM

I sure hope this means the EPF will be active again soon enough. It’s been too long since there has been any activity.

Thanks Achnimo!

4 thoughts on “Klutzy The Crab Spotted On Club Penguin!

  1. //BEEP BEEP..//: EPF Mainframe –: REBOOTING __–**

    *You are logged in as: The Director*
    Last account activity: 10 months ago – November 2013

    JPG – Klutzy spotted in the wild.
    Sensei – Ninjas and agents are clashing on the island.


    1) Operation: Ninja

    • Jetpackgut: Ninjas, Agents, It’s time to roll out…
      Director: Go Its time for…
      Rookie: Operation Fish?!
      Director: No Rookie!
      Its time for… OPERATION: NINJA

  2. Yeah, I check Club Herbert once a week or so to see if there is any change.
    Always enjoy the Herbert-related activities.

    I still say it would be interesting if he winds up happily growing popcorn in the wilderness next to a hot spring, for trade to businesses in town.

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