On This Day In Club Penguin History – July 9

On the 9th of July in Club Penguin’s past there were two updates in 2010. The postcards were updated and that year’s Music Jam party was released.

First off, the postcards. The featured postcards page was updated. The five postcards now featured back on this day in 2010 were “Band Practice”, “Watch My Band Play”, “Wanna Join my Band?”, “Your Biggest Fan”, and “Jam With Me”.

Now for the big event in 2010: the Music Jam! This was Club Penguin’s third ever Music Jam party. Both Cadence and the Penguin Band showed up for the party. Nonmembers could pick up the free Blue Headphones at the Cove and members could pick up the Music Jam Shirt at the Backstage room as well as a Boombox on the Night Club Rooftop. Not only that, but members could also purchase a lot of items from the Merchandise Booth and also the Music Catalogue. (back then it was only at the Music Jam rather than permanently at the Lighthouse)

Club Penguin Music Jam 2010 Coffee Shop
(thanks to Fimim for taking screenshots for me back in 2010!)


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  1. Did you notice that the stadium is still like it was during the Penguin Cup, and on the map and from other rooms it still looks like it used to?

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