On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 14

On the 14th of June there were five different updates in 2012. There was new field op, a new log off screen, a new pin, the Marvel Superhero Takeover began, and Aunt Arctic was waddling around the island for the party.

Starting with the most minor updates, a new logoff screen was added to say the Marvel Superhero Takeover was on now. It featured penguins dressed up in different Marvel costumes. The other most minor update on June 14, 2012 was the 86th field op mission. Gary’s orders for the mission were the following:

RED ALERT! Club Penguin is under attack! Super Heroes are barely holding the Destructobot at bay. We need to disrupt its central computer. Sneak into the Super Villain Lair, and break into their mainframe.

The Super Villain Lair was one of the special rooms just for the party. Once you were there you would have to bypass the system by playing the field op’s minigame. You would do that by matching your data with the firewall to break through. Once completed a message from Protobot would appear.

Moving along, there was a new pin. The pin was the Superhero Pin and it could be found at the Mine Shack on the community tree. (note: this was when the Mine Shack’s had its old design) The Superhero Pin was the sixth pin to be hidden at the Mine Shack.

Finally, there was the first ever Marvel Superhero Takeover. Along with the party Aunt Arctic was waddling around and had a new background. At the party if you were a member you could choose to be a super hero, super villain, or citizen. Nonmembers were automatically citizens. Free items at the party included a Mine Helmet, Money Bag, Press Conference Background, and a Mug Shot Background. At the party there was also a special catalogue with different Marvel costumes that members could purchase. There was also a special catalogue containing items for everyone. A big attraction at the party was party members could battle Destructobot by throwing snowballs at him.

Club Penguin Marvel Superhero 2012 Destructobot Battle


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  1. 2nd favorite party of 2012, with the 1st begin Operation: Blackout. This party was awesome, I loved battling Destructobot. I wish they bring back this party in Summer 2015 :c

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