Justincool53’s Interview With Polo Field

A Club Penguin player who goes by the name Justincool53 was lucky enough to be able to interview Polo Field over Skype. Justincool asked Polo Field questions about himself and also the Club Penguin game. If you are interested, here is the video containing the interview’s audio. One thing that’s notable from the interview is Polo Field’s response when Justincool asked about Spike Hike saying “Frozen Party confirmed” on Club Penguin not too long ago. Check out the full interview below:

You can view Justincool53’s blog here.

17 thoughts on “Justincool53’s Interview With Polo Field

  1. Dude, Frozen isn’t a bad movie, but it is way too overrated. Club Penguin needs to stop with the takeovers. >.<

      • It’s ok. I’m not patient in others opinions lol. Like in school I moved in my seat thinking if you would add me on skype so yeah I’m really not patient.

  2. This guy….This guy is LUCKY! I wanna interview Polo! *Cry cry* I ain’t “famous” :P!!! Too bad for me and my friend.

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