On This Day In Club Penguin History – May 31

On the 31st of May in 2011 there were three updates. This was one of the few days Club Penguin updated on a Tuesday instead of Thursday. Herbert attacked the EPF, the sports catalogue was updated, and along with the updated catalogue the Soccer Stadium replaced the Ice Rink again.

In order to attack the Elite Penguin Force Herbert used the hydras from that year’s Medieval Party. This event is known as the Battle of Doom. If you defeated Herbert you would get the EPF Badge Pin and Hydra Head furniture items. Here is a video of the battle in action:

As for the sports catalogue, the new items were soccer themed to go along with the Ice Rink being replaced with the Soccer Stadium like every year. The catalogue had six pages of clothing items and one page of furniture items.


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8 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – May 31

  1. Wow! I remember that! I really wish they would bring the Hydra Heads back… I only got the blue one!

  2. ah i remember that, i got worried of EPF being destroyed , i was afraid of it during the whole event :p

  3. Good times… I hope we can fight the Hydra again someday. That was one of my favorite Medieval events!

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