Club Penguin Emailing Out Codes For The Matryoshka Doll Furniture Item

A lot of you are going to be bummed by this: the first 1,000 players who bought a Club Penguin Membership in Russian (or registered for the game? I’m not sure, I’m hearing mixed information…I also heard it was in Disney’s newsletter. I can’t confirm any of this) have received emails from Club Penguin containing a code to unlock the Matryoshka Doll furniture item, so unless you were one of the lucky few you’re not going to get this item unless it’s in the furniture catalogue in the future.



One thing I do miss about “old CP” as many like to call it was back then as long as you were a member you could collect every item, something that is no longer possible now. Nowadays there are exclusive codes, special items for new members, etc. Oh well.

Thanks Thiago27, Bramblelove, Cold Night, and Baku.

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Emailing Out Codes For The Matryoshka Doll Furniture Item

  1. Bummer, I did not get the item :/

    To be honest, that items looks really cool,and I really dislike how CP are making exclusive items and things to self-centered people only. For the people who live in the UK, they had the chance to get the Innocent Smoothies to unlock the items. For the people who bought the newest membership card have access to unlock the newest Treasure Book while most penguins who saved their toy codes for a new Treasure Book still gain access to the old one.

    P.S. Did you obtain the item? If so, how did you obtain the item? Is the code reusable or not?

    • Nope I didn’t obtain the item, someone allowed me to use their image. The code is not reusable, it’s like a treasure book code or magazine code: unique for each person and can only be redeemed once.

  2. Im agree with you in the last of your post. I may well have been since 2009, Not all of us live in U.S.A, we can only buy easter eggs in Brazillian, special memberships in U.S.A and on the Internet in U.S.A, but now also in Russia. I love disney, but Im mad over this :'(

  3. Its unfair if you ask me. CP always makes exclusive items for different languages. There’s nothing Exclusive for English CP and only exclusive items for Russian CP.

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