Rookie’s New EPF Message Has A Hidden Meaning

I haven’t posted about any of the new EPF messages for a while because they are not noteworthy, however the one Rookie sent on Thursday is actually important. This was the message he sent:

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 3.42.34 PM

It reads:

Hey Director. Rubber ducky and I were playing hide-and-seek. What’s this encrypted file Q1JBQg-2001 about?

Q1JBQg may look like nothing important, but @Clubpenguincz pointed out that if you translate Q1JBQg as base64 to text, it means crab. If you’re just thinking “huh? base 64? what???” I’ll try to explain it: computers use something called binary as machine language. Binary is just a bunch of zeros and ones to store information, like off and on, true or false, etc. Base64 is text that stores binary data. You can read about it on Wikipedia here. Anyway, if you use a base64 decoder such as this website which translate base64 text to regular text and input the Q1JBQg text, it’ll translate to the word “crab”. What crab do we know that would have a file with information about it? Klutzy of course! Both Herbert and Klutzy have been quiet ever since Operation Puffle. I wonder what’s up with them…I guess we’ll know more next Thursday if the Director replies to Rookie’s message. Stay tuned!

Also…do you want me to post every EPF message again?

16 thoughts on “Rookie’s New EPF Message Has A Hidden Meaning

  1. I like it when you post EPF messages but you should include it in the minor updates post. If there are no minor updates just do it seperate.

  2. I think you should only post noteworthy EPF Messages, rather than posting non-importanst EPF Messages. I think its the best so you have more time doing personal things such as School for example.

  3. Oh Yeah I remember about Binarycodes,its something about first generation language,I learnt it in my computer class :P
    0 = Off mode
    1 = On mode
    I thought that file meant something about Protobot..oh well :)

  4. you know what? im starting to think there may be a pokemon party in May even though Pokemon is not Disney dont you think that train?

  5. Crab? What you mean?

    i haven’t heard of Herbert after those puffles took him away, any news? Any guesses? I wonder what will happen *thinks*

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