Operation Puffle Teaser Image

The ClubHerbert.com website has been updated with a sneak peek of Operation Puffle! It shows a mysterious device made by Herbert.┬áHere’s the sneak peek image:


What do you think this device does?

10 thoughts on “Operation Puffle Teaser Image

  1. hey train i think some pic was leaked a while ago with some brainwwashed puffles working for herbert mabey its a puffle brainwashing device

  2. At first it looked like the ray gun from Operation Blackout but until I saw the whole picture I thourght maybe It’s a ray gun of some sort that blacks out thourghts. But it’d for Puffles

  3. Well that would fit a puffle well…. Ok so Herbert makes billions with a paw and presses the paws to activate the buttons and wears a master helmet so puffles listen to him. Thats my guess or maybe he will wear the paw helmet and activate some normal helmets by clicking the paw? XD

  4. I just thought of something. This may be what Herbert planned in PSA mission 10 until Rookie mentioned the golden puffle.

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