Behind The Scenes of the Gold Puffle Video

Club Penguin’s behind the scenes video about the Gold Puffle is now out! The team has spent a lot of time on this video, in fact they pulled an all nighter (not recommended :P) to get it done! This is the next installment of the New Horizons documentary series. The first video in this series came out just over a year ago.

That’s an awesome video! Club Penguin sure has a lot of employees named Chris…

Polo Field also mentioned a fun fact in his post.

Did you know that we have team names for each of the staff project teams in Club Penguin? For example, the team of staff members working on the Gold Puffle call themselves the “Island Architects”.  :)


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  1. Train, wouldn’t it be cool if we could have this Puffle Hair Dresses on CP, where we could give our puffles it’s own individual hair styles and when they do their animations they always have that hair style on? That would be EPIC.

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