Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Roundup

Club Penguin’s 2013 Halloween Party is nearly here! This will be their ninth one, with there being one every year since 2005. This post contains a collection of every sneak peek and piece of party information given out, so it does contain spoilers. You’ve been warned!

The Halloween Party was first announced on September 4th through Club Penguin’s membership page. It said “Eerie Haunts October 17–31. Get ready for the spookiest Halloween transformations ever.” That was all we heard until Club Penguin’s 22nd magazine issue was released in the United Kingdom on the 19th of September, when it said the October issue was going to be a Halloween special. The Brazil Magazine also got a new issue around that time and showed Rookie on the cover, hinting that he would be at the party.

On October 3rd Club Penguin added a teaser video of the party to their homepage. You can spot Herbert P. Bear in it.

The membership page was updated again saying we can transform into vampires, werewolves, and zombies at the Halloween Party.

About two weeks ago Club Penguin started airing a Game On commercial on Disney Channel giving sneak peeks of the party. This commercial does incorrectly show the party available on the iPad.

At this party, which is being run by Rookie, you’ll be able to participate in a candy scavenger hunt. Different candy transforms you into different creatures. This feature does require a paid membership. It is cursed candies that allow you to transform. Also note the special candy and pumpkin emotes being used in the background.



A vampire:


A zombie:


A werewolf:


A gooey monster:


Here are the party rooms shown in the video. There’s the school:


The Mine:


The Snow Forts:


The Cove…they’re playing it on an iPad! :O UPDATE: I have been told by Spike Hike that this is a mistake in the commercial, the party will not be on the iPad. You’ll have to log on to Club Penguin from the computer in order to access the party. As always you’ll still be able to access your igloo from the app though.


Just like at every party there will be a special catalogue. Everyone can get the Trick or Treat Bag, Spring Pumpkins, and Bat Wing Headband. Members will be able to get the Nine Lives, Cat Eyes, Kitty Costume, Swamp Monster Mask, Swamp Monster Costume, Swamp Monster Feet, Classic Vampire Costume, The Villain Do, Tomb King Hat, Creepy Doll Mask, The All Dolled Up, Creepy Doll Costume, a Tomb King Costume, and finally a Pumpkin Lid for their Puffle.



Also, if you have an iPad and are a member be sure to get the exclusive Halloween themed items that are available in My Penguin right now!


That’s pretty much it! Aside from a little information from Club Penguin all the sneak peeks were shown on television in the Game On commercial. There’s also this video that was uploaded today:

Rookie is going to be at the party. If you want meetup times you can view many here. Gary will not be at this party. None of the old Halloween quests, the mansion, or the Ghostmatron will be at the party this year. Bummer! But there will be plenty of new features to check out, so that’s good.

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