Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Commercial – Herbert Spotted!

Club Penguin’s homepage has a new video which appears to be a commercial we’ll be seeing on television soon too! It’s a teaser for the Halloween Party. It’s really cool! You can watch it below. Unfortunately they only have a low quality version available on their website however if they upload it in HD to YouTube or I can record it off television in 720p or 1080p I will definitely update this post with the better quality video! UPDATE: Club Penguin has uploaded it in HD to their YouTube channel.

Here’s what the voice says:

A lonely igloo’s light grows bright
With creatures of the dark in flight
Werewolves howl at the haunted moon
While zombies rise from creepy tombs

Are you home to answer the door on this fright-filled night of chills and more?
Will you haunt to hunt for candy at

Features shown require paid membership. Ask your parent’s permission to play.

Do you see Herbert? Look by the trees on the left…he made an appearance in last year’s Halloween Party commercial too!


Thanks to the following people for notifying me about Herbert: Benito4512, Savanna789, Noticeclubpengu, and Phineas350.

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Commercial – Herbert Spotted!

  1. Herbert is in this video!!!!! :O You can see him behind the tree when you see the female zombie! I wonder what he’s up to!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. So… I guess we’ll be seeing another Herbert themed event in November! Remember in mission 9 when Herbert said he had a plan with puffles? Could this be it!?

    • Um, probably not. It’s been too long. But I do think, that with the puffle “surprises”, the piece of paper on Herbert’s websites, and the Operation Puffle rumor (Spike said people were asking for it) that his mission will have to do with puffles. But how would that fit with “lost in the wilderness”?

      • It could be! Why? Herbert’s plan with puffles never happened (Thats 1), and also if you go to you see a poster with a puffle (Thats 2). And one other thing is that there is also a blueprint on and it might be Herbert’s hideout when Herbert starts his puffle plan!


    • Right,on the penguin band and cadence’s song “Ghosts Just Wanna Dance” in the beginning, Herbert holds a piece of paper with the moon and a “x” on the moon………. i guess he gives everyone the creeps.

  3. Am I the only person noticed that the penguin behind the Female Zombie Penguin have a weird beak?
    I think there will be New Player Card Design coming in this november :DDD

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