Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 Information Roundup

The Medieval Party starts tonight! Assuming they update around their normal time, expect the party to be released around 7 or 8 PM PST. (10-11 PM EST, 3-4 AM in the UK) Here is a roundup of all of the party information and sneak peeks.

For starters, back in June Spike Hike actually teased the party. Check it out:

That was all we heard until late August when the 21st Club Penguin Magazine issue said that the 22nd issue, which is out in stores in the UK tomorrow, is a medieval themed issue. This all but confirmed that the September party is indeed a Medieval Party instead of a Fair.

A day later, on August 23rd, Polo Field announced on the official game blog that Rockhopper would be arriving in September and gave the following Medieval Party sneak peek:

Two weeks ago, on the 5th of September when the Penguin Style catalogue was released with Medieval themed items a login screen teasing Rockhopper and magical potions was released. As it turns out these potions have to do with the party.

A Medieval Party postcard was also re-released that day.

Club Penguin also updated their YouTube channel with a teaser of items and Dragon Puffles.

A Game On commercial showing off the party started airing on Disney Channel around the 5th or 6th. Here’s the commercial:

This is what I originally said about the video as a refresher:

As usual, Hallie, the host, gives us the rundown. Note the dragon on the left.


Here’s a room sneak peek as well as the usual logo:


Gary is going to be at the party and spells will be a huge part of this party.


Here’s what Gary is saying:

According to my calculations, one incorrect ingredient could be disastrous! Take the book with you to find potion ingredients.

(hopefully before the party is released the word ingredients doesn’t overlap the button)

We got a few sneak peeks of the potion books. We mix ingredients to unlock magical items, with new potions being unlocked each day. Completing all of the potions will earn you the ultimate wizardly prize. There’s the potion of the White Puffle Unicorn: (transforms you into a White Puffle Unicorn)


The Potion of Ogre Size: (makes your penguin bigger)


Potion of Green Puffle Dragon: (transforms you into a Green Puffle Dragon)


Potion of The Vanishing: (maybe it makes you invisible like a ninja?)


How are the potion ingredients found? They’re from a minigame everyone can play.


An outfit behind Hallie:


Another view of Gary – here the penguin has the EPF spy phone, but in the image below this one the penguin has the PSA spy phone!


Here’s one of the backgrounds and the party room. The penguin, Smee001, has 500,000 coins, unreleased stamps, and the old PSA spy phone. In a photo above they have the EPF spy phone instead!


Here’s a glimpse of one of the rooms, the Dock I think. This is the White Puffle Unicorn:


The penguin of Ogre size and also the other penguin is wearing what looks like unreleased items.


There’s another penguin in a Dark Green Dragon Costume.


Finally in the My Penguin app members can get these exclusive items. These are available right now, so if you have an iPad go and get them!


Last week some of the rooms were updated with boxes to prepare for this party.

Here’s the Town:

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.02.33 PM

The Snow Forts:

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.04.08 PM

The Forest:

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.05.23 PM

The Dock:

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.06.29 PM

The Mine Shack:

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.06.01 PM

The School:

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.08.38 PM

Finally, late last night Club Penguin uploaded some potion sneak peek videos to their YouTube channel. Here it is:

At the end of the video above you can click the annotations to go to other videos and see what the potions are like. For your convenience, here they are:

Potion of Ogre Size:

Potion of the Vanishing:

Potion of Fairy:

Potion of Blue Puffle Dragon:

Puffle Chicken Potion Fail:

Potion of Ultimate Mega Dragon: (coming September 24th)

That’s all the sneak peeks and party information! Are you excited for the party?

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