Sorry For The Downtime, I’m Working On It

Hi everyone! If you’ve been visiting Club Penguin Memories throughout the past week you’ve probably noticed it’s down a lot, either not loading or giving an error saying “Bad Gateway” or “Gateway Timeout” along with the number 502 or 504. Don’t worry, it’s not just you. And if it’s down, don’t keep refreshing! That won’t do anything. I’m having some website issues which I’m working to remedy as soon as possible. The only possible workarounds in the meantime that may work to let you ready my new posts is try loading a post on a mobile device or signing up in the sidebar to get new posts emailed to you. I just ask that you’re patient while I work to fix everything. If you ever want to still read my posts about what’s new but Club Penguin Memories is down, I do also post on CheatsWhiz all the time so you can just look there and see what’s happened relating to Club Penguin.

Related to the downtime issue, I am very behind on site comments due to the site always being down. I am not ignoring any of you, don’t worry! :)

10 thoughts on “Sorry For The Downtime, I’m Working On It

  1. Hey Train, there is a Game On for the Summer Jam starting to appear on Disney Channel. When you post abiut it, please give me credit!

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