New Club Penguin Song ‘Party In My Iggy’ Debuts Tomorrow

Wow, talk about surprise news! Spike Hike has just announced that an all new Club Penguin song titled “Party In My Iggy” will be premiering tomorrow on the fan run Club Penguin Radio.

When I know the time I will make a post. I wonder who sings it. Maybe Cadence? You can check out Club Penguin Radio at

6 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Song ‘Party In My Iggy’ Debuts Tomorrow

  1. Wow! As the promised … Recalls that Polo Field had announced that it would launch a new music last week? But at least it will launch later this month!

  2. Club penguin likes to do igloo updates in the middle of the year, like last years design update and the magazine was igloo themed now an igloo feature on my penguin and an igloo song!

  3. I knowed it!! when i asked Spike is Penguin band will return, he said definitely soon, but i knowed it!! he was meaning a song, and not an in game appearence :( when i will meet them??

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