Everyday Phoning Facility Construction Finally Complete!

After months and months and months of construction, the Everyday Phoning Facility has been given an awesome new look! The main command room isn’t done yet, but the interior is. Here’s what it looks like. To go to the Command Room simply go to the wall behind the desk.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.14.21 PM

It’s a cool room! I love the little details the team put in this room, like the computer’s desktop backgrounds.

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25 thoughts on “Everyday Phoning Facility Construction Finally Complete!

  1. Other than the big phones in the corners it looks like a city bank anywhere in the world.
    Nothing says ‘penguins’ or ‘snowy’.
    We could all be ducks or elephants or HUMANS …

  2. Super cool! The desk your sitting in is mine, though. I think Herbert may become a EPF Agent, or work there, because of the big chair and the #1 mug. Rookie sits in the chair with either the paper airplane or the puffle clock. Jet Pack Guy sits in the one in the middle, and Dot most likely sits in the one on the left or right (the opposite of which chair Rookie sits in. Gary might sit in the ones up front, and the others are for show! I remember having tons of fun in the Sport Shop, then when the Everyday Phoning Facility came I knew the fun was gone, then today I logged in and saw a whole bunch of penguins there! I had a great time playing tag, Hide-n-Seek, and pretending to be ‘normal’ penguins guarding the secret enterence to the EPF HQ. Oh, and to Citrus Peal, what about the TV? The Computer Screens? The painting of a penguin with a phone on the wall? I love the new design. :)

    • So they threw a couple of pictures into a generic CITY room.
      And it’s more than just one room.
      It’s all part of turning the island into a city even though 53 percent in their poll liked the forest best of all the spaces.

      You liked the Death Star best didn’t you? All of it was built, nothing natural at all .
      Most of my cousins and I liked the almost empty dunes in the desert on Tatooine best.
      There’s room to breathe there.

      I love club penguin very much. I want to be a member for lots more years.
      So do my brother and cousins.
      We are country kids and it would be nice to have rooms for kids like us too, not just kids happy in a city.

  3. I’m surprised Dot, Rookie, Gary, Jet Pack Guy, and *COUGH COUGH* AUNT ARCTIC *COUGH COUGH COUGH!* aren’t jumping around the island saying COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE! MORE COFFEE! With all that coffee…

  4. Why do people complain about this not looking realistic? Do you think penguins having buildings, and wearing clothes, and being secret agents/ninjas is realistic? And you’re only complaining about less snow making it less realistic.

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