Websites Back Up, Train Tuesday To Be This Thursday Instead

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Twitter and saw my tweets you’re already aware, but for those of you who don’t here’s an update on what happened. As you may have heard, Club Penguin was down for a good portion of Monday. Their servers were attacked maliciously, in which large amounts of data (connection requests) were constantly sent to the website. As a result the servers could not handle such a high load so it caused the website to crash. Think of it like a coin code contest – everyone is refreshing a website page at the same time trying to be the first to redeem the code when it appears. The server, which is like a computer connected to the internet holding all of a website’s content like images, videos, etc, can’t keep up with everyone refreshing at once. It gets overloaded and crashes. Of course that’s not done by the penguins on purpose, it’s just the best example I can come up with.

Anyway, I have reason to believe that the same people or at least similar people who attacked Club Penguin on Monday attacked Club Penguin Memories, Mech Mice, and other Club Penguin blogs ¬†yesterday. The websites simply could not keep up so they crashed and stayed down for a while.¬†That’s more or less a brief rundown of why my websites were down, simply put they were purposefully crashed. Not to worry though, the situation is being handled accordingly by all those affected.

In the meantime yesterday I was not feeling well and because Club Penguin Memories was down I decided I will be holding Train Tuesday this Thursday. Next week it will go back to being on Tuesday. I do not know what time Train Thursday will be back yet.

I’ll catch up on posting soon with any updates that occurred yesterday as well as my “Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!” post. Hopefully this does not happen again. If you ever see Club Penguin Memories down, do not panic. It’s not gone for good. I plan to stick around for a long time. :)


34 thoughts on “Websites Back Up, Train Tuesday To Be This Thursday Instead

  1. Also, ToonTown, Pirates of the Carribbean, and Pixie Hollow, other Disney online games were supposedly attacked.

  2. “I plan to stick around for a long time.” I’m SO glad to hear that. This is the best and most frequently updated blog about CP out there!

  3. Those pesky CPPS-makers at Rile5! I hope Disney sues them! Two of my favorite websites down! (This blog and CP)
    ~Mr Bp13

  4. Finally, I can read your blog! I was getting worried yesterday. I also wondered why Club Penguin kept going down.

  5. What you bet it was the trolls who were bashing about Star Wars coming to Club Penguin?
    Don’t you love it when so called grownups pick on little kids?

    • Monchocho’s website went down at one point like mine. Blogger (Google) is Saraapril’s post so she doesn’t ever have downtime as far as I am aware.

        • People don’t like Saraapril?! She’s awesome, I can’t believe people would hate her! I mean come on she’s nice to everyone!

        • Many people hate how Saraapril whines all the time of the Marvel War Diaries, the stuff and drama like that. Personally I like Saraapril but Saraapril disappoints me a lot

          *I met Saraapril one time and she DIDN’T post a SINGLE picture of me having fun with her. I met her during the MU Takeover. I commented on her site but she simply remove my comment. She didn’t approve it!
          *Her Marvel War Diaries are ridiculous as NONE of it is TRUE
          *She ONLY approves comments who ever AGREES with her. Sometimes she doesnt EVEN approve comments whoever agrees with her simply because she hates the people who comment them secretly. I know she hates me secretly. I NEVER hated her but now I am getting angry of her. When I commented on her blog that I liked the Marvel Takeover, she REMOVED it. When I commented before that I liked a song (I think I dont remember well but that I liked a CP Song I think), she removed it ALSO! When I commented that I wanted to meet her personally on CP. She REMOVED it. She ALWAYS removes my DARN comments with NO apparent reason. She just doesn’t accept other people’s opinions and once I said ALL the truth to her but in a “nice way” not being like a bully but she STILL REMOVED MY COMMENT! Out of 10 comments I do she only posts like 1 comment from ONE post only. She calls herself very nice but I KNOW she is SECRETLY MEAN. Now I know why most people are being mean to her…Before I EVEN defended from her but she EVEN hated me before. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

        • If she calls herself nice and kind to others. Then why not respect other PEOPLE’S opinions? Why ONLY her opinions and only to the people that Sara likes? I don’t care if I meet people with different opinions. On the other way I like it! I would like to socialize more in real life as they always exclude me but here on the Internet I love meeting new people.

    • The stuff mentioning me as a part of it isn’t, someone was posing me so I posted on the Rile site saying it was not me.

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