July 2, 2013 Train Tuesday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Train Tuesday is now over! Thanks for coming!

Here’s some pictures.

Today I am starting Train Tuesday!┬áTrain Tuesday is a weekly Club Penguin meetup similar to Field Friday and Spike Saturday in which I go online for 30-60 minutes and hang out, like igloos, play games, and have fun. Essentially, it’s like a mini party. Many penguins have requested I do Train Tuesday or Train Thursday and now I am starting it! Each week I will hold it at a different time and announce it early so penguins are aware in advance.

Today’s meetup it at 2:00 PM PST. This is 5:00 PM EST and 10:00 PM in the UK. If you’re wondering where I’m at I will be tweeting where and also update the Trainman Tracker below.

37 thoughts on “July 2, 2013 Train Tuesday (Now Over)

  1. Also with a tracker, Polo and Spike didn’t have one so will be more easy! Are you sure you will can? With your homework… This will be great! Im in vacations, I will tried to go.

  2. Trainman1405 please send me a postcard and vist my igloo if you want you can start you party at my igloo it is FULLY monsters university themed!

    Bye the way what server will you be on?
    My penguin name s coolshawn821
    Waddle on!!!

  3. Well see you there I just have a question. Because just one friend and my friend list will be full ( I have more than 500) and I have 65 friends requests can I have more?
    Because people try and it doesn t work but when I add them it works.

    • Yes. I had 499 friends then accepted all my friend requests and it goes past 500. You just can’t add anyone else and you don’t receive any new requests.

  4. Train I am in pic 5! I am in the purple monster JOX suit! I enjoyed Train Tuesday very much and hope we can all get back together sometime

  5. hi Train
    i remember you from a long time ago and thanks for adding me in one of the pics. Remember the dance party with Chilly LOL? Well it was a fun party and see ya soon.

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