The Party Server Is… (Both Parties Over)


The server of my party at 9 AM PST is Glacier! We can meet up at the Cove and if that gets full the Forest too. 9 AM PST is noon EST and 5 PM in the UK. Just look at the Snow Forts. The second party at 7 PM PST will also be Glacier unless the server becomes full, in which case I’ll announce a new server here. I doubt that will happen though.

You can see what room or igloo I am in by looking at the party tracker (you’ll have to refresh the page every time I move to see the updated location) or if you go to my Twitter page I will be listing everything there too. You don’t need a Twitter account to look at my tweets announcing what room or igloo I am in.

I CANNOT ADD because my list is full. (I have over 800 buddies and 500 is the limit) I can send postcards and will send as many as I can – make sure you clean your mailbox if you ask for one! I will go to as many igloos as I can too. Party two is at 7 PM PST!

64 thoughts on “The Party Server Is… (Both Parties Over)

  1. the second party this same day at 8 PM for me? Is probably I can go too! This will be awesome! I got the firts activity: Go to igloos for helping people for the stamp! and me! uhoooo

  2. trainman remember to give coolshawn821 a postcard and you should change the server because you cant chat :(

  3. trainman remember to give coolshawn821 a postcard and you should change the server because you cant chat :(

  4. so great!!!, thanks for that party train, in my opinion was better than a spike saturday and more crowded that Aunt Arctic in june 20th :p, i will keep the postcard as a remiscent, i will let other penguin to go the second party, see you train!! ;)

  5. Train i was in the Party it was AWESOME!!,
    By the way, at the last you said . Party two is at 9 PM PST! , it is at 7 pm, please correct this, thank you for the postcard!.

  6. It was a nice party! Although, I didn’t get a postcard!… lol anyways! For the seventeenth time into these two days… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
    -Pen Quen22 :)
    P.S. On Birthday, we should actually wish day Happy Baking Soda, right? XD

  7. Can you please try to come to my igloo in the next party. and happy birthday ( I forgot to say that yesterday) – sms8

  8. This party was really cool!
    Hope that the second will be like the first but if you can come to my igloo and postcard me…
    Happy later birthday
    From: someone…

  9. Trainman please on your party you can go to my iggy please , my penguin name is P139608350 , PLEASE AND THANKS :D

  10. Isn’t it to obvious for a grown ups playing Club penguin ? I don’t mean to make fun of you but as I try to show this game to my friend. They said I’m too childish. its lucky you got friends that have same interested with you . Anyway, do you have Gmail Account?

  11. Trainman, is it 7 PM PST or 9 PM PST? Do it on 9 PM PST Please. And I couldn’t go to your first party since I am Christian, I had my Confirmation which means I became a soldier of God :3

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