Polo Field Teases “something very cool coming soon for Puffles”

Usually the Spring is when Club Penguin does all of their big Puffle updates for the year but apparently Club Penguin has even more planned! Polo Field randomly tweeted that the team has something very cool coming soon for Puffles. Check out his tweet:

Could “dig it” be a hint? Maybe an expedition for the Golden Puffle? Maybe it’s relating to one of the three new parties we’re having this Summer? What do you think?

45 thoughts on “Polo Field Teases “something very cool coming soon for Puffles”

  1. Maybe the Summer Party/Music Party will have a Treasure Hunt for the Golden Puffle and surprisingly, the Golden Puffle likes to sleep in the sand/egypt and he also likes to dance like the purple puffle! What do you think of my theory Train?

  2. New puffle, maroon! We might have to save RH from being captured along with the maroon puffle! And they are buried under the ground in a SECRET UNDERGROUND FORTRESS!

  3. That’s a coincidence, well, for me because I’m coming up with the idea for a grey puffle that likes to mine and stuff- and if there ever was an expedition, we would go underground and discover the gray puffle. If the gray puffle mining thing comes true, this will be REALLY creepy.

  4. I believe we’re digging for a historic puffle! a dino-puffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O what do you think bro? good guess or not?

  5. train can you add me on your other accounts? i already sent you a request. plz? im beggin’ here!
    my penguin name is eitan2222 (duh!)

  6. The Golden puffle only a myth , besides , this puffle just look alike the Yellow Puffles and it will be confusing if it released. The Grey Puffle is used to test a New upcoming puffle or testing something new for puffles.

  7. I don’t think it’s going to be a gold puffle after they released the Rainbow Puffle so soon. But I had this really cool idea last night: What if we got to train our puffles to be elite puffles and go an an “underground” mission? Cool, huh?

  8. I wish they would have a BBC/Doctor Who party! I mean they have a good reputation in England, so why not? :3 ALLONS-Y!

  9. The Club Penguin Products page has been updated. If you click unlock items on the products page it shows Rockhopper. If you click where to buy it has new penguins.

  10. A Egyptian themed party, pyramids, pharohs, and the lost Temple Of The Puffle King, where we find the Golden Puffle, that’s my theory.

  11. New puffle: GOLDEN

    Location Discovered: Rockhopper Island, hanging out with Red Puffles
    How: It was playing with Yarr
    When: July 2013
    Who: Golden Puffle, DER!
    What Party: Rockhopper Puffle Expedition 2013

    Like my theory, Trainman? Anyway, Can I see the Operation: Puffle Comic?

  12. Trainman, I got an idea. I think Rockhoppers Quest might return in August, but this time, going to a new island named Puffle Island probably, and we might dig the Golden Puffle! What do you think?

  13. Wait, if he didn’t it must have been a dream but didn’t Polo field retire from Club penguin? If not, i thought he did.

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