My Penguin 1.1 Released – Here’s What’s New

Club Penguin’s first update to their My Penguin application has been approved by Apple and is now in the iOS app store for iPads! This update includes Card-Jitsu Snow, the final Pufflescape and Puffle Rescue levels, and it’s also now in Portuguese, German, French, and Spanish! The app icon has also been updated to feature a ninja mask on the penguin.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 1.25.34 AM

When you first install the update it’ll download the game additions. It shouldn’t take too long depending on your connection speed.


The exclamation marks on the Puffle Rescue and Pufflescape icons above are to symbolise there are new levels. The Legend Pufflescape levels are now added. (this won’t work on the iPad 1 as you may recall)


Once you go to the game it’ll go away, don’t worry. I tapped Pufflescape and returned to the main page and it went away.


Puffle Rescue gained the Black Puffle levels. The levels are the same as on the regular Club Penguin game so I won’t be covering that in depth.


On to the main stuff! When you go to play Card-Jitsu Snow the first time Sensei will speak to you.



After that you’re brought to the Card-Jitsu Snow game. On the left are icons you can tap to buy power cards, view your power cards collection, view the nine Card-Jitsu Snow videos, and finally view your Snow Ninja progress. This is a nice addition! Because only members can buy power cards, if you are a nonmember you will not see an option to buy them.


Buying Power Cards is the same as on Club Penguin. You get three cards per 1,500 coins.


It does show you which cards you unlocked.


Here’s viewing your power cards. I don’t know if it’s just me (or maybe it’s because I’m on an iPad 1) but when I tried to scroll down it wouldn’t!


Here’s the Card-Jitsu Snow videos:


Here is the playing of a video:


Here’s the ninja progress:


Now for the actual Card-Jitsu game! It is the same as the regular game so I’m not going to cover gameplay, just the different screens you’ll get on the iPad.


You of course choose your element.


Once you tap “join battle” it will connect with two other players.


It does show you who you are playing with. I do not know if it’s other iPad players only or if it’s anyone on any device. (computer or iPad)


The game loads.


And then you’re playing Card-Jitsu Snow on the iPad! The “round 1” screen is messed up only because I took the screenshot in the middle of it going away. Sorry about that! :P


Rather than clicking you just tap. 100% of everything else is the same.


You can leave in the middle of a game.


Here’s a quick video of me playing around with the new Card-Jitsu features.

…and once I quit the game I got snowballed by Polo Field! Hi Polo!


There is no new updated clothing catalogue inside the My Penguin at this time. UPDATE: Now there is, see my other post. Also, it could be because I’m on the iPad 1 which the application isn’t meant for, but Card-Jitsu Snow kept crashing for me when I went to play a game. I’m guessing that’s why. Oh well, it’s a small price to pay for at least having access to the application on a disallowed device! The million coins cheat is also fixed. Thanks Spydar007! If you want My Penguin on the iPad 1 check out my other post. That’s all for now! I can’t wait to see what else Club Penguin will be adding in the next update, whenever that is!

47 thoughts on “My Penguin 1.1 Released – Here’s What’s New

  1. Train when u are a snow ninja or can defeat tusk a picture of tusk spears instead of the ninja :) plz give me credit I’ll get u a pic at one point :D

  2. O my gosh ur so lucky!!! When will it come out on android? Can u find a cheat or something that can download it on android?

  3. Theres a few bugs already on CJ snow that are “bugging” me. I have an Ipad 2 and this is what happens.

    Bug 1: Main Menu Music STILL playing while the CJ Snow battle music is playing too…very annoying hearing a slow song and battle song clash together…I have usually mute it.

    Bug 2: When Penguins/Enemies attack to the left direction, their sprite animation is weird and gets out of place. Cheesy looking.

    Bug 3: (This one takes the POW out of the Combo effect) If you do a Power Card Combo with a team mate, the wooden block sound you hear when penguin pictures come up play 3 to 4 times before the word combo comes up…very annoying hearing it more than one and ruins the effect.

    I wonder when they will address these >.>

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