My Penguin App Clothing Catalogue Updated With New Styles and Exclusive Mobile Items

Weird. I checked the My Penguin catalogue last night and it wasn’t updated, but now it is! As a result, the three unreleased items I had posted about earlier this morning are now released. These three items are exclusive to members in the My Penguin application. I’m going to assume the My Penguin clothing catalogue will be updated whenever the regular clothing catalogue on Club Penguin is, and that it will have a few exclusive items. Here’s a gallery of all the pages.

And no. I’m not getting anyone the items.

Thanks Budeyboy5000 for bringing the update to my attention!

29 thoughts on “My Penguin App Clothing Catalogue Updated With New Styles and Exclusive Mobile Items

      • They are more greedy than you think , as soon as the My Penguin will be popular , probably , non-members that try to access that freakin app and try to claim those exclusive items , they will not GET it and in some near future , We need to pay for download that app as well as its get popular . I don’t put my trust to disney . Just like what they did to Club Penguin

        • Hey! Without Disney, Club Penguin would be gone! They saved the company from bankruptcy and membership was ALWAYS on CP! People need to stop blaming Disney for the stuff they don’t like about CP!

  1. Haha! In one of the pictures you have like 4,000 coins, but in the next, you have 3,000! Buy something? LOLOLOL!

    • I don’t have 1.0 anymore and either way it wouldn’t work since apps are set to only work with the iTunes account it’s downloaded from, not someone else’s.

  2. YAY! I can buy the hoodie :D Thanks MP app! (Thank GOD I have an iPad. Sorry for the people that don’t :( )).

    • That’s not why Club Penguin brings back items…Club Penguin was built with the ability to recycle old content in mind. Not everyone gets a chance to get the old items when they were originally available, too.

  3. HEY ALL YOU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!! stop it with out Disney club penguin wouldn’t be all big as it is now it probably would even around any more so STOP TRASHEN ON DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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