How To Install The My Penguin 1.1 Update on the First Generation iPad (No Jailbreaking Required)

My Penguin’s 1.1 update is now out! However, those of us with the first generation iPad are unable to update the application through the app store since it’s not officially supported on the device. So what do you do? Reinstall it! Check out my old post for the beginning instructions. You need to have iPhone Configuration Utility program installed and have the My Penguin 1.1 update downloaded on your computer. You need to be able to access the app’s file from the computer, so know the folder! (file paths are in the post linked above)

First off, unfortunately you need to delete My Penguin off the iPad. That means you’ll lose your Sushi and whatever progress too, so use it up before you do! Then open the iPhone Configuration Utility program. Just like in the original tutorial click “Add” and find the My Penguin app file. Add that.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 1.30.29 AM

Then go to the iPad in the iPhone Configuration Utility Program. (it needs to be plugged into the computer) Look for Club Penguin and click “Uninstall”.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 1.38.32 AM

Then click “Install”.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 1.38.38 AM

Once it installs My Penguin 1.1 will be on your first Generation iPad! If you open the app and it crashes, try again or restart your iPad.


19 thoughts on “How To Install The My Penguin 1.1 Update on the First Generation iPad (No Jailbreaking Required)

  1. Waaa is so cool,i have a ipod touch 2 and i cant install cool apps that i want is incompatible :( i will die if a CP app is launching to ipod 2 and is incompatible please CP if someone see this please do the future app for ipod 2 I’m the biggest fan of CP please dont do it with things and effects incompatible with the ipod 2 pleaseeee!I’m wishing an ipad please!!!give me one pleaseeeeeeee!

  2. train can you add me on your other accounts? i already sent you a request. plz? im beggin’ here!
    my penguin name is eitan2222 (duh!)

  3. Train! I dunno why it wont install! I deleted the app off my iPad by pressing the cross. Then, did what you said, pressed Install and now a pop-up says “Error: Could not be installed. App has been moved, modified or deleted”. I’ve pressed try again loads, but its not working… Can I still get the App?!

  4. Trainman, I tried to install my penguin 1.1 and after a lot of time I deleted my penguin 1.1 and 1.0 because it didn´t let me to install and now in itunes store it still says I got my penguin and i don´t, by trying to have card jitsu snow in my ipad, now I don´t have any my penguin app, I wish I had a Ipad 2 or 3

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