I Turn 18 On June 21st – Let’s Celebrate With a Club Penguin Party This Saturday! (Both Parties Over)

Wow, time definitely flies. I’m finishing up my 11th year of school and turn 18 this Friday.

UPDATE: Both parties are over! Thanks for the fun!


Yes, I’m going to be an adult! I may be old, but that doesn’t mean I’m too old for Club Penguin. I joined August 2006 when I was 11 years old, which means I’ve been playing for almost seven whole years. That’s quite a long time if you think about it. You may have heard me say that I want to work for Club Penguin when I’m older. This is true. Over the past two or so years I’ve connected with many penguins, helping out, answering questions, and I have come to realise how much I would enjoy a job at Club Penguin. Whether it be responding to player’s emails, talking over new ideas with the team, or whatever else I can offer, I feel like I’d be a nice fit. As you’re probably aware a job at Club Penguin requires you need to be 18. Am I going to apply for the Club Penguin Team this Friday? I wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t because:

  1. The job requirements for a support representative include completing high school, which I have one more year to go (if only I could do my homeschooling while working for them…)
  2. Unless I was allowed to work at home I’d have to live in Kelowna where their office is or some other closer office that I’m allowed to work from (if I got hired, that is)

But hey, I’m one step closer to reaching a goal in life! It’d definitely be cool if they made an early exception for me, even if it was a small summer job. ;-) (I know you read my posts, Club Penguin Team! Make it happen! :P Just kidding.)

Anyway, enough about all of that, I figured I would just give you all a quick update on all that. To accommodate different time zones I will be having not one, but two different parties. They will both be on Saturday, June 22nd, a day after my actual birthday. Weekends seem to work best for penguins, so a weekend party it is!

WHO: Trainman1405
WHAT: Celebrates his 18th birthday
WHEN: Saturday, June 22nd (for most time zones) at 9:00 AM PST and 7:00 PM PST. (note: 7:00 PM PST may be Sunday, June 23rd for your time zone if you are in a continent other than North America or South America!) For quick time zone translations 9:00 AM PST is 12:00 PM (noon) EST and 5:00 PM (17:00) in the United Kingdom. 7:00 PM PST is 10:00 PM EST and 3:00 AM Sunday, June 23rd in the United Kingdom. If you need a time zone conversion ask in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. For convenience I have also embedded a PST clock below. (I know it says Vancouver – that is because Vancouver falls under the PST time zone)
WHERE: Just in case the server gets full ahead of time (I doubt it but figured I should plan accordingly) I will announce the server the day of the party in this post and a party reminder post. It will be all over the island. We’ll play games, visit igloos, chill, and anything else! Each party will last about an hour long. I will take pictures and maybe film a little. A day or two after the party I’ll post all the pictures. I will also let other penguins submit their pictures and videos they take for the party review post.

Time in Vancouver

I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it don’t worry! :)

313 thoughts on “I Turn 18 On June 21st – Let’s Celebrate With a Club Penguin Party This Saturday! (Both Parties Over)

  1. Advanced Happy Birthday Trainman! I am looking forward to attending your party.
    I have a small suggestion, though. It is really difficult to find you when you start visiting igloos. Maybe you could visit igloos in alphabetic order or according to no. of likes, then we could track you more easily.

    • It depends where since Australia falls under mulutple time zones. For example Perth and Sydney have a two hour time difference.

  2. train can you plz visit my iggy when the party starts?
    plz plz plz pretty plz with a cherry on top?

    my penguin name is eitan2222.
    thank you so much for doing two parties. my time zone is very diffrent so one of them (the one at nine) i wont be at.

  3. Are you going to be adding??? because your said your buddy list is glitched, I’ve always wanted be your friend and this party is my only chance, PLEASE ADD!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday :D

  4. Why are u going to join club penguin? U make only like 5 cents an hour. You will live in a cheap apartment and will only have money to buy horrible dominoes. Don’t waste your life because you can find a better job. Don’t work for club penguin.

  5. So nice!! I’ll be there for sure! :D And I strongly believe at you and your dream must become true. ;) But if you have to wait until you go and work for the Club Penguin Team into their office in Kelowna, Canada, won’t you get bored waiting and say ‘If I have to wait so long, then did I choose this job’? I hope you will NOT!

  6. Can’t come. My best friend has the same day for a birthday as you, so his party is on June 22nd. June 21st is also our last day of school!

  7. Cool, I’ll probably be there! If you go to work at CP one day, can you add a rare item to my account (half joke, half not)?

    • Wow, you’re going to be an adult? No kidding! I’ve still got a ways to go… If I don’t grow out of Club Penguin as I grow older, I’d like to work for them, too.

  8. I must make it. You are my favourite one out there, and good luck getting into club penguin and filling into your dreams! :-) btw, will you still blog on this website if you work for club penguin?

  9. Cool i hope thati can make it and good luck getting on the cp team! also i have a question:
    are you homeschool cuz i am!

  10. So Trainman, you want to work at Club Penguin ?

    Well then , congrats for you and Happy Birthday Trainman1405.
    I wish you will become a Nice moderator and change the Club penguin.

    Waddle on , Trainman :)

  11. ill try to be there if not happy birthday:) waddle on train also are you homeschool or do you go to school I am done school for the summer

    • It depends where in Brazil since there are several time zones. If where you live has the same time zone as Rio de Janiero it would be at 1:00 PM and 11:00 PM. If you live in a different time zone than Rio de Janiero then figure out the time difference. I hope that helps. :)

  12. I’ll try to be there. You should have a tracker on the website or make a live stream like Thinknoodles on YouTube. You should also go around visiting people’s igloos and try to get the Dance Party stamp, the Floor Filler stamp and the Ninja Meeting stamp. You should also start to do a Train Thursday.

    • Too bad I have to wait a few more years to actually vote in the next presidential election. :P Thank you. :)

  13. Woah, that will be so epic! I have added every CP mascot ( Rocky & Cece ) and am friends with Monchocho, Ninja O Dark, Spike Hike, Trainman1405 ( You! ) and I would really appreciate it if you could send me a postcard saying hey there or something! I collect postcards! Best of luck and Happy Birthday for the future! :)

  14. I totally agree, if you’re big it doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing games.
    P.S. I will come at your birthday party!

    P.S.S. Please reply!

    • It depends where in Brazil since there are several time zones. If where you live has the same time zone as Rio de Janiero it would be at 1:00 PM and 11:00 PM. If you live in a different time zone than Rio de Janiero then figure out the time difference. I hope that helps!

  15. So are you going to work for the Club Penguin office in Los Angelas or will you go to Canada to work in the main HQ?

  16. You sir are going to be a very good CP Support Representative…Watch people just call and ask for you to answer their questions…I think I can make it ^.^ Your birthday is a day after mine sir.

  17. I only have one Question in my mind , Do we need to live In Kelowna , to become a Moderator in Club Penguin? because you live In United States. Is that possible?

  18. Wait how long will it go? Cuz I think I might have camp :( I WANNA GO AND HOPFULLY IT GO
    UNTIL 1:30!

    • It depends where in Brazil since there are several time zones. If where you live has the same time zone as Rio de Janiero it would be at 1:00 PM and 11:00 PM. If you live in a different time zone than Rio de Janiero then figure out the time difference. I hope that helps some!

  19. omg! I plan to work for CP at the age of 27 for TEN years! then make my own game! CALLED Dog Place!

    • 1) Nah, just haven’t had time to post any new bugs. That’ll change in a few weeks though.
      2) That site was going to be the original Club Penguin Cutouts side. I made it two and a half years ago but never launched it and doubt I ever will

  20. Train when you get one year older you should move to kolowna is that spelled right its in Canada you might get to see your brother again 2! fufill your dream work for cp! never let your dream die!

  21. whoa your turning to the gold age :D, i finally will meet you PD: that clock its for the 9:00 am time?, im from south america i will check the two times :D

  22. wow, congrats! do you have your driver license yet?:P A little early for me, 9:00 PST is 10:00 for me but I wiil try to go, this is important, and you can help me to win the iglu stamp please?

  23. Impressive! you is an adult already! Case If I do not show up on party, I give the my to you congratulations and a happy birthday early! ;)

  24. For the 7:00pm party, what time would it be in the Hawaii/ Aleutian time zone? Btw Happy Early Birthday, Trainman1405!!

    • Before I answer (I don’t want to give you the wrong time accidentally) if you search “Time Hawaii” on Google does it list the time it is for you? For example it’s 6:09 in Hawaii right now so Google said that: http://devii.in/qaBO

      Because what I read said there are two different time zones for Hawaii, unless I’m mistaken…

      I *think* it’d be 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

  25. Look just, you already will do 18! If I do not show up in your celebration, I’m already anticipating my Congratulations and Happy Birthday the you!

  26. Looks just, you already will do 18! Case if I do not show up in your celebration, I’m already anticipating my Congratulations and Happy Birthday the you. I’m really rooting to you to work on the CP, you would improve the game quite!

  27. happy bd train!! i’ll try to be there if i’m not busy
    – Shera54321
    p.s.good luck and if you work for cp yay!! and we might see your face if you really think about it :P

  28. Trainman1405, I will honestly try my best to make it to your party. I hope I’ll be able to attend. Btw, congrats on your 18th birthday! That’s huge! I’m afraid I’ve got just a couple more years until I’m 18. Anyways, have a good day -Mrzero3.

  29. This is my early birthday gift for you Train:
    Fantastic Informer
    How to earn: Let Macguire4852 help you inform anything you miss out on. :P

    • It depends where in Portugal since it falls under two time zones. What’s a big city in Portugal that has the same time as where you live? (I don’t want to ask you for your actual town because it’s personal information)

    • Both. In the real world it officially stands for Pacific Standard Time but on Club Penguin it’s also Penguin Standard Time. Both are the same time. :)

  30. And it seems like Friday you are no longer in children’s club… now I will take the post on entering cps files and posting images with upcomming things cp didnt tell us…

    Well, it’s hard to believe you will be 8 years bigger then me, and an adult.

    However you are an adult, your not going the wrong way, like Thinknoodles, that is a 30 yers old man, and he all day stays and posts so he money out of that.

    I see you wanna join cp, well, then if you will be a character, then what job would you like to have in-game?

    I am joining in some years too, so see you there!

    Waddle on

  31. Happy Early Birthday, Trainy!

    I’ll be there! The second party, as the first one’s to early.. >.<

    Are you visiting igloos? Could you possibly come to my igloo?


  32. Wow!Cannot wait for this.I will try to come and Happy Birthday!! :D.And I cant wait for my birthday on this 27th June.And MU party will start with the same time with my birthday.Yay!

  33. Trainman, Are we going to tip the iceberg or waddle around the island. Maybe we can get coffee at the Coffee Shop, dance in the Dance Club, play music in the lighthouse, eat pizza at the Pizza Parlor, watch Underwater Adventure at the stage and play soccer at the stadium. I think I want you to come to my igloo and like it. What you are going to do?

  34. Happy birthday Train! I visit your website every day. It is such a coincidence that I am graduating 9th grade on the 21st. And, did you see the tweet I tweeted that my birthday was 3 months after yours? Yes, I am 14 years old.

  35. Happy Birthday Trainman1405
    it is cool because the age when you began playing Cp is my age now!
    And yes I can go to you party I am so excited
    Happy Earlier Birthday see you in 3 days

  36. Loo why did you erase me as a friend in Club Penguin? =( I just wanted to play card jitsu with you please add me as a friend again.


  37. Happy Birthday in advance trainman see you at the party
    P.S. could you visit my igloo my penguin name is the same as the name in this mail

  38. Happy Birthday in advance trainman see you at the party
    P.S. my penguin name is the same as in this mail could you visit my igloo

  39. By the way I’m sorry I wrote the same comment twice my internet got jammed so I didn’t know
    that the first one had been posted

  40. Hey everyone guess what a year and 3 months ago I mysteriously became a member without me doing anything so obviously it was free and its still going on! I think its a bug or something but I can do everything that members can do.

  41. Wow, happy birthday! I can’t go to the party because my computer broke. But I hope you have a great birthday :)


  42. Train I will be going to your 9 o’clock party!! If you get a chance to send me a postcard that would be AWESOME :) And also HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! See you at the party!
    P.S. My penguin name is Devin724

  43. Which kind of job will you have? My recomended choices are:
    Support- As you read Saraapril’s blog PLEASE don’t be the one that says clear you cache all the time. Its just annoying

    Blogger- As you have a blog, you could choose it but u may need promotions

    Tester: As you have a bug blog you can spot the bugs

    Question of the comment: Do you have glasses?

    Oh, ya I’ll TRY to come on the noon one (Busy at 5) i been treating this of a blog post
    P.S Happy Early Birthday!

  44. Hey TRAINMAN!! What time does your party start in Australia (Sydney) I’m bad at time, sorry :S Please reply :3

  45. I’m sorry but I won’t be able to come…to the first one that is, but I’ll try to make it to the second one. See you there, maybe.

  46. Oh Man. In Sydney (Australia) it will be 2 AM for the 1st Party so I can’t come to that, and the other one is at 12 Noon. I think I will be playing AFL at 12 Noon… There really are not a lot of Parties for Australian Penguins these days. THAT’S WHY WE NEED AN AUSTRALIAN MODERATOR!!!

  47. Well, today’s your birfday isn’t it? Ok! FOR HE’S A JOLLY GOOD FELLA, FOR HE’S A JOLLY GOOD FELLA, FOR HE’S A JOLLY GOOD FELLA… HAVE AN AWESOME BDAY!!! And many more!! Happy Birthday, Trainman! ~ C.chum501

  48. Train come to my igloo please because I try to make you penguin of the day P.S I am your biggest fan I look this up since 2010

  49. Also your technically 2.5 years older than meh becuz my half birthday was June 13th :p
    And I was just wondering if you like all of these takeover’s in Club Penguin? In my opinion (Im sounding smart!) it breaks their policy and ruins the CP experience by taking out the originality… But whatever! It is better than the 2006 parties and stuff :) And Happy Birthday dude, almost forgot xD!

  50. What time is it in central time? (Sorry if it’s up there, I’m not good with abbreviations.)
    Happy birthday, Trainman!

  51. Good Luck for the future Devin. Hope you find something you enjoy, even if you don’t join the CP team there’s still heaps of opportunities out there for you. Make sure to give everything a go.

  52. Well, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come but still: Happy Birthday! You are, without doubt, the best CP blogger of all times! I hope you had a brilliant B-day and that Club Penguin will accept you! ;)

    Please reply!!
    ~Larsie1, Admin, Founder & Owner of L1 GAMING (larsie1.com) and Larsie1 in Club Penguin (clubpenguin.larsie1.com)

  53. ░░░░░░▄▄▄█████▄▄▄░░░░░░░


  54. Trainman1405! You Are The Best Blogger Ever! Keep On Blogging And One Day, You Will Reach Your Goal! Oh And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY DAY TO TRAINMAN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  55. By the way trainman thanks for posting mascot meetup times. I’ve met Cadence, Aunt Arctic, PH and Sensei thanks to them.

  56. Soo excited for party train plz reply to this because i need to tell you that your the best person on CP and have a good B day


  57. At the party, you should try and earn the Floor Filler stamp, the stamp and the stamp. You should play Card-Jitsu, CJ Fire, CJ Water and CJ Snow, Mancala, Connect 4, Dance Contest, and visit people’s igloos. If you visit there igloos and they go there, they can get the stamp. You should also send people some postcards.

  58. *ATTENTION* It’s the time we always waited for…. Spike tweeted this…..
    “Operation Pookies is a piece of fan art guys! Just a joke…for now?”

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