Fun With Federflink – Meetup This Wednesday! (Now Over)

German Club Penguin Blogger Federflink1 is having another meetup this Wednesday! The theme of this Fun With Federflink meetup is monster costumes to go along with the Monsters University Takeover.


Here’s what Federflink said: (rough translation)

Imagine a monster-like, totally crazy costume together and find yourself a partner or companion, like Mike and Sulley, to practice the sneaking and scaring. We will meet on June 19th at 16:30 (4:30 PM) Central European Time on the server Iglu and meet at the snow forts. We can start there to scare everyone and dance the night away!

16:30/4:30 PM Central European Time is 3:30 PM in the UK, 10:30 AM EST, and 7:30 AM PST. As usual I will not be going because I’ll be asleep then. If you do go, have fun!

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