Surprise Membership Contest Today! (Now Over)

UPDATE: The contest has ended!

Hi everyone, I’ve got a surprise for you! Today at roughly 2:00 PM PST (5 PM EST, 10 PM in the UK) I will be posting a one week code on Club Penguin Memories! It will either be in this post or a new one I post around 2 PM PST…so be on the lookout! Here is a clock to help you out, or just go to the Snow Forts on CP to look at this time.

Time in Vancouver

Huge thanks to Bloxxerman for donating the code! More contests coming soon!

Good luck to all of you!

53 thoughts on “Surprise Membership Contest Today! (Now Over)

  1. Umm train im getting an Ipad soon but what model because i want the My Penguin App so what model of Ipad should i take?

  2. i’ll just wait for a whole hour……………… ( 6 minutes later) ZzZzZzZzZz……..(5 hours later) Huh!?!?!? AW MAN I MISSED IT!!!! well time for me to go to sleep….

  3. When you watch stuff from when you watched when you were young, it brings tears. Seriously. Anyways, good luck to everyone who is entering!

  4. Trainman can i meet you on club penguin. meet me on server snowball at 3:45 pm PST at the town today

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