My Penguin App Files Give Hints Of What’s To Come: Card-Jitsu Snow Game, Igloo Editing, and Lots More

The My Penguin app is already jam packed with features, but there is lots more on the way! While the answer to the question of “when” is unknown, I’m sure at least some of the unreleased features will be seen over the next month or two, especially Card-Jitsu Snow. Before I begin, though, I wanted to thank Andreas16700 for telling me about this and letting me using his images. While I may not be using my own pictures with the exception of one, I can confirm everything mentioned in this post is 100% real.

First thing’s first. In My Penguin, excluding Sushi Drop, there are four playable games, with a fifth one saying “coming soon”. It seems like Card-Jitsu Snow is going to be that game based on some text strings found in the My Penguin application files:


It’s also possible that one day the application will have in app purchases. For those unfamiliar with an in app purchase, it’s basically an addon to a game. You pay money, usually a dollar, to unlock extra content. This text string reads “Your current account does not allow In-App purchase. Please modify this in the Settings menu under General > Restrictions.” It could be there just in case, or maybe Club Penguin does have an idea in mind with extra content you can unlock for a small fee. What about buying membership for your penguin directly from the app?


The app also has strings referring to your penguin’s igloo, gift cards (memberships?), sending messages, a new penguin colour (see below), and even the Club Penguin Times.


It is slightly difficult to see but there are some notable string texts below such as the Card-Jitsu Snow ones, one reading “CP Times”, another saying “You unlocked an exclusive color”, and things like “Choose the ignore button to hide their messages” while also saying you can report penguins. It also talks about igloos, more games, gift cards, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0272

Finally, of course, the app translations for German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese are being worked on. (currently the application only comes in English)

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 4.00.48 PM

Whatever Club Penguin is working on for My Penguin, it’s wicked.

22 thoughts on “My Penguin App Files Give Hints Of What’s To Come: Card-Jitsu Snow Game, Igloo Editing, and Lots More

    • Look in the sidebar. :) —–>

      Upcoming Updates

      » May

      -New Pin
      -May 2013 Furniture Catalogue
      -Club Penguin Times Issue 395

    • No exclusive thing like that,makes unfair the game,you have to get the my penguin app for this,now for this and for can unlock special things,unfaire,I can’t get the app.

  1. Bug on My Penguin! If there is no sushi, and you click the tray. It will give you sushi after a few seconds!

  2. UPDATE:
    I found in MyPenguin’s files that the “giftcards” are Memberships.
    So in a future version we will be able to buy CP Membership (in-app purchase).
    I will post the pics soon :)

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